Gaddafi is (graphically) dead.

Eldest son Saif critically injured but ‘fleeing across the desert’ towards Niger

  • Both arms ‘blown off’ after heavy RAF bombing raid on Thursday
  • Reports the former London student has been captured in Zlitan…
  • …but hours later he ‘escaped through desert towards to Niger or Algeria’
  • Loyal son tried to broker peace deal on behalf of his father 10 days ago
  • Father and three of sons dead, four more and daughter still at large
Why is the death of Gaddafi and his family graphically displayed, but the death of Bin Ladin, the most wanted man on earth, was reported without graphic images? I really do not want to see the graphic death of any man, but this makes me wonder… Why?
Thanks to Romalynn for the link.

6 thoughts on “Gaddafi is (graphically) dead.

  1. I am reminded of the death of Ben Laden, and just amazed when they showed people out in front of the White House, cheering, my husband and I looked at each other, cause it seemed to us like it was in the nighttime late when this news got here to America. We felt and still feel that the whole thing was staged, ok he was doing evil, but it seems we are returning more and more to barbarism and paganism in participating in these types of celebration. Would want nothing to do with seeing this in person or on tv that is for sure.

    There is much persecution of the believers going on over there in Egypt, with the so called better leadership, and in Libya who knows what will come of this. In my heart and according to the word, it is not going to be better for the US and Israel or the whole world that is for sure.


  2. Perhaps there’s no footage of Binladen because marines don’t enjoy or celebrate filming the death of people? Also, it was a military operation. It is possible if any footage was made, it may be classified for security reasons. Im just throwing these possibilities out there, not saying for sure or not.

    I would guess part of the reason Gaddafi was filmed is to make it a public humiliation. The US operation was about elimination, not humiliation.


  3. Madeleine Albright stated long ago that he was dead and so did Benazir Bhutto before she was assassinated. Perhaps she was assassinated for that reason besides other reasons.


  4. Yes studio318, let me say I am thankful that they did not show bin laden, never sure on the spelling of this name, anyways. I did not want to see any film pictures, etc. I was not even happy to see the people out in front of our white house being happy about it. Like I said, a return to barbarism, and paganism. I know he did evil things, but boy what an evil teaching he had been under and then made worse. Satan is a murderer and liar and many have no idea that they are doing his work, this world is a mess.

    And yes Libya was a regime overthrowing I guess, so they had to make sure all knew he was dead, including his supporters. I had not heard that about Albright or Benazir Bhutto. Thanks Helen


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