Working behind the scenes

I have just got back from a 2 day business trip. Yesterday I got an email from a friend that I need to share with you. I am not gonna put a name to the post as I did not ask his permission to share. Well, ditto to your thoughts dear friend! What you say is what I think is unfolding. NATO is the world police. It is NATO that will surround Jerusalem. I am relatively sure about it.


I read a few days ago on born to watch this article below and I can’t get it out of my head.

It is weird as most articles I have read over the years I read and let go but this one for some reason I cant.

This Position Solana has could be prophetic regarding the power the International Crisis Group has. Remember the “global centre for the responsibility to protect” where Solana endorsed the organization right at the start. He spoke very highly of it.

With the responsibility to protect it is really giving them the green light to destroy many through peace.

They are sending Nato who are currently the world police force all over the place taking out leaders and they are doing it in the order that the bible says: Egypt, Libya, Sudan (Ethiopia) is next by the looks of it then of course Israel, and as you know at the same time it looks like the same people are about to help give the “Gentiles” the Holy City.

I think possibly this could be all Solana needs regarding the power to take control via the Nato (again) ironically. But not directly unlike last time.

I wonder if he is calling the shots considering he looks to be the one with the military expertise.

All I’m thinking is we should watch what these people do because having control of Nato is enough in my opinion.

I’m probably wrong but as I said I can’t get it off my mind.

Obama, Solana, Soros & Zbigniew Brzezinski

U.S. Military Headed To Uganda … 2 To 6 Billion Barrels Of Oil

After President Barack Obama announced earlier this week that he would be sending American troops into Uganda, WND uncovered billionaire activist George Soros’ ties both to the political pressure behind the decision and to the African nation’s fledgling oil industry.

Soros sits on the executive board of an influential “crisis management organization” that recently recommended the U.S. deploy a special advisory military team to Uganda to help with operations and run an intelligence platform, a recommendation Obama’s action seems to fulfill.

The president emeritus of that organization, the International Crisis Group, is also the principal author of “Responsibility to Protect,” the military doctrine used by Obama to justify the U.S.-led NATO campaign in Libya.

Uganda’s Energy Ministry estimates the country has over 2 billion barrels of oil, with some estimates going as high as 6 billion barrels.

In April 2010 Soros’ International Crisis Group, or ICG, released a report sent to the White House and key lawmakers advising the U.S. military run special operations in Uganda to seek Kony’s capture.

The report states, “To the U.S. government: Deploy a team to the theatre of operations to run an intelligence platform that centralizes all operational information from the Ugandan and other armies, as well as the U.N. and civilian networks, and provides analysis to the Ugandans to better target military operations.”

Since 2008 the U.S. has been providing financial aid in the form of military equipment to Uganda and the other regional countries to fight Kony’s LRA, but Obama’s new deployment escalates the direct U.S. involvement.

Soros sits in the ICG’s executive board along with Samuel Berger, Bill Clinton’s former national security advisor; George J. Mitchell, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader who served as a Mideast envoy to both Obama and President Bush; and Javier Solana, a socialist activist who is NATO’s former secretary-general as well as the former foreign affairs minister of Spain.

Jimmy Carter’s national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is the ICG’s senior advisor.

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Scott’s comment;

Thanks to Pastor Brian for making us all aware of this article/information.


9 thoughts on “Working behind the scenes

  1. Thanks so much wickus for posting this here. Solana was had of NATO when he got Bill Clinton to do the bombing over in Serbia, Croatia etc, and I was not very happy about it. And at the time it was for sure not easy to figure out the good guys there and the bad guys there. One of my friends told me we were going after the Christian ones there, or the ones on the right side of things.


  2. May I add also, I sure wondered why Obama had sent these guys in now. Things are going on that are going to be tough to detect, but with the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to discern we will all be able to help one another. Thanks to all who found this info.


  3. Just more game pieces being subtly moved into place to fulfill some globalist’s plan. I’d be very surpised if the NATO alliance has much to do with policing Israel – though I’m guessing it would be pretty easy to call up a crisis management force under the Modified Brussels treaty, because even though the WEU organization may be disbanded it seems to still be in force. Perhaps a treaties expert can illuminate us on whether those powers were subsumed under the Lisbon treaty.


  4. Confirmed late “07

    Road Map – Yoke on Israel.

    Luke 21 : 20- And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with ARMIES , then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

    Mark 13 : 14- “So when you see the ‘abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not” (let the reader understand),


  5. i smell a very big rat. look what this quartet is singing! the same names keep popping up together meddling with the whole global picture. manufactured crisis after crisis and solana-the “shy retiring” type is behind every closed door meeting it seems keeping the plan on track. he is very involved-look at how much he weighs in on all global issues from a vantage point that many do not have in his current as well as former positions-and uses the many deceived and stupefied to do his bidding. ( are they already past the point of no return these people?)-my Lord i hope not but it’s not looking good-the whole mess of failing economies and policing the whole world-undoing israel and controlling information and on and on ad nauseum is reaching critical mass. all to bring about change only the deceived can believe in as somebody’s getting ready to throw the switch and change tracks for this midnight train to perdition. we have already noted in earlier news stories that he is being called out by name to fill that gap-twitter twirps are saying “do it mr solana” (bjorns site). i don’t think it will be long and the restless masses are going to cry out together that someone of his stature take the helm. the world is beginning to openly call for socialism (and hillary goes to libya and talks about their sovereignty!) he looks to me to the world’s “darling” in that arena. but i do not know if it will be an open call or not or just who and what will present his opportunity to lead the world-and yes we still do not know if he is that one who will take hell’s greatest appointment-but it sure stinks to high heaven and that stink swirls around this character. getting pretty pungent now if you ask me………..


  6. andre’, your excitement moves me brother dear. Yes as all who love Jesus, we know he loves all these sinners down here, and wants them to come to repentence, as Peter tells us about.

    But we also know that his heart too greives to see all the evil done here under this sun. So we know that the Father will for sure be sending Him. While my heart grieves, but only due to the love of Jesus that abides there, for this world which will not wake up, will not listen it also looks joyfully to the coming of the one, the Savior, the Lord who has suffered and died, and made the sacrifice for us all here on earth, to come and finish up all of this.

    We warn others, we post here that things are lining up, so that maybe some will see and begin even to wonder a bit and cry out to God to show them.

    Joh 4:23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

    Praying all the suffering in this world now, and those that will suffer as well, and even more as we approach these times.


  7. hi roma. just to be clear!–don’t let the spelling of my name fool ya! i’m a she. i live out in the wild west at the foot of some very pretty mountains in wyoming. i’m married and a grandma too. i hear what you are saying roma—the world is being overtaken by evil—-but God is still working! i pray for those around me-some are my own family not safely “on board”–yet–there are still those who will not bow their knees to “baal” but will bow to Jesus–it will have to be soon if things are what they appear in the prophectic and i think we are on the same page about that! i pray and trust that there are yet great and mighty things that the Lord will accomplish to the saving of many souls! it is all in His Hands. my prayer echoes yours-that we would suffer well being faithful to uphold the Cross of our Savior no matter what. come what may Jesus promises to Light our way Home! in the world we will have tribulation He said-but be of good cheer I have overcome the world. john 16:33 so keep on posting and warning and cheering on your brothers and sister(s) here on the web! i am very active in my home church and love to be a part of them serving alongside them. we are thankful for a loving and faithful pastor who loves God’s Word above anything else but i’m also happy to come here to this site and find people who love the Lord and want to see His Name exalted. you and the others here who love Christ bless me.


  8. HAHAHAHHA on me, what is it that Paul said,

    Gal 3:26 For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.
    Gal 3:27 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.
    Gal 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
    Gal 3:29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

    I took that one quite literally, sorry, not sure why I thought you were male tell the truth not sure anything you ever posted would have indicated that to me. Except my brain is a bit muddled this week, taking care of our elderly 92 year old with some problems here this week and getting ready to move lol. That might do it. Glad I made the mistake now I know you a bit better.


  9. when i was a kid i had a couple of pen pals. it was fun then but better now that i know the Lord and am finding His people in all kinds of places. that discovery blesses me. one thing that is most important i notice too roma-that we really only Know Christ and Him crucified among us-that is the Big detail that i don’t want to miss. anything-everything else is really of no consequence at all so i appreciate the verses you posted. we all have our challenges-we have elderly parents to see to and other family things that need much prayer-just like other believers are dealing with. it is just life-but the beauty part is how God tenderly cares for us and we cast our cares upon Him 1 peter 5:7. i enjoy sharing the scriptures with others and when others are of a like mind-that put all of their hope in that which God has spoken-it is very refreshing! yes lots of things going on in our lives and the Lord is perfecting that which concerns us. His Mercy endures forever! ps 138:8 God bless you today in whatever you have on your plate to do with His Wisdom and Strength to do it.


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