ESM, the new EU dictator

Friends, the writing is on the wall. This orchestrated financial collapse is going to be used to usher in the beast kingdom. It is already happening behind closed doors.

The following is from a Dutch site using Google translate:

What is this nonsense?

That was my first reaction when I saw this video. That can not be. An organization that in its opinion just empty our treasury can get? We still live in a democratic country? To be sure anyway the official texts identified, the Convention on the Establishment of the European Stabilitieits Mechanism.

Treaty Establishing THE EUROPEAN STABILITY MECHANISM (ESM) (Click to download) 

The articles mentioned in the video, there are so found (from page 19). And the rest of the convention, I could not find, what this dictatorial power in any way be restricted.The chills I still run across the back.

But this can not just within the conventions of the European Union? That is an illegal extension of the powers of the European Union? A little more searching, it appears that all discrete decisions by gejast to the ESM “possible” to make.

I am sure that politicians in the Netherlands as a club would like to set up the empty treasury should plunder whenever they want and as often as they wish, that she needed no legislative changes in 20 years would get through. But Brussels bureaucracy knows in the European treaties rapidly adapt to the coup in 17 countries concurrently!

On 17 December 2010 the European Council decided that there was a need for a permanent stability mechanism, to take over tasks from the current European Financial Stabilization Mechanism (EFSM) and the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF). These are two organizations that are respectively in May and June 2010 by the EU were to be erected to provide loans to countries with too much debt. For these organizations lacking a legal basis. Brand already, that these two organizations specifically focused on illegal financial operations, but the change treaty for the establishment of the ESM, the establishment of organizations in all other areas possible.

That treaty amendment comes on March 23, 2011. To prevent new referendums held in Europe should be made use of Article 48.6 of the Treaty on European Union, the European Council to give treaty articles to change, as long as no expansion of the powers of the EU mean. (Those decisions must still be ratified by national parliaments, but that’s usually just a formality.) The modification consisted of an addition to an innocent looking paragraph of Article 136. In short is adding: “The EU countries using the euro may establish a stability mechanism for the stability of the euro area as a whole to preserve.” So this is not purely for financial stability. The suppression of demonstrations, spying on citizens awake, fighting or otherwise destabilizing elements in the euro area, can now pass this amendment will be dedicated to new organizations under the EU flag.

The amendment is indeed an extension of the powers of the EU. It is therefore contrary to Article 48.6 of the Treaty on European Union. Nevertheless, no minister or national parliament stumbled on this and they went merrily in Brussels and press ahead with the assembly of the ESM treaty.

On June 20, 2011 by the national parliaments have just approved, the EU and the ECB’s tasks of the ESM treaty without delay.

On July 11, 2011 the treaty was signed. Although the signing later that day at the opening of a press conference was announced to dozens of journalists, was the next day no Dutch or foreign newspaper to find a title on the new European treaty. Maybe it was because Juncker told in French and in English only moments later continued.

The treaty is now being ratified by national parliaments. This should happen between now and December 31, 2011.

Currently there is already talk of that capital requirements will be raised from 700 billion (that’s 2,100 euros per citizen) to 1500 to 2000 billion, so two or three times.

The text of the treaty would only take effect in June 2013. We want them now to make 2012.

Logically, the parliaments be asked to speed up the ratification of the treaty. In Germany these days is already pending. Apparently urgency as more and more German citizens awoke.

If we want to use the last straw democratic dictatorship in order to prevent this, we will soon arrow as many people awake to shake as many protest emails and letters should be sent to the House, politicians and political parties. Watching others succeed or to achieve this is disastrous.

If you have international contacts available, also send them information. In most euro countries there is nothing or almost nothing is known.

When a dictator once on his couch, then get him the first thirty years of it not. We want our children not to do?

Thanks to Mathieu, our fellow watchman in the EU for drawing my attention to this. He is doing a great job smack in the middle of the beast kingdom.



One thought on “ESM, the new EU dictator

  1. What a thing to believe,… God! ,..thankx for the info……………i pray for mercy and forgiveness, and guidance and love and trust and courage


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