Apple – sign of the times?

Comment by Wickus:

This is a re-post of a post done in 2010. Since there is so much interest in Apple and Steve Jobs, I thought I will post it afresh with some current thoughts.


 It is not every day that you find a secular article that has three unintentional references to the Bible.. I am posting this for what its worth:

Original Apple Computer Fetches $213,600

When the Apple I was introduced in 1976, it was the only personal computer to come with a fully assembled motherboard, making it ready to use straight from the box — provided the user supplied a keyboard, power supply, and display, Christie’s said.

It sold for $666.66 and was available until it was discontinued in 1977.

Inside the auction house Tuesday afternoon, many patrons studied the sale catalog using Apple’s iPads and iPhones – a sign of the times, said Christie’s Julian Wilson.

“It is a fitting illustration of how computers have revolutionized the world,” he said.

The bitten apple (original sin), sold for $666.66 (mark of the beast) and a sign of the times. Hmmmm… Do I need to say more? Is the Lord trying to show us something?

Update by Wickus:

Apple Most Valuable Global Brand

Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) — Apple Inc., the maker of the iPod music player and the iPhone, is the most valuable global brand, beating Coca-Cola Co., the European Brand Institute said.

Apple topped the list, with a brand value of 69.7 billion euros ($96 billion), in a study of more than 3,000 companies in 24 countries, the Vienna-based institute said. Microsoft Corp. took third spot, one ahead of rival Google Inc. Apple overtook Google in brand value in May in a separate report by WPP Plc’s Millward Brown unit.

Is there maybe a future link with Apple and the mark of the beast? Is this a sign of the times?

PS. I am aware that the Bible does not say what fruit was bitten, but the general public still refers to it as an apple, and that serves the purpose for this post. 


15 thoughts on “Apple – sign of the times?

  1. Very good observation here, wickus. I for one know that there is technology there that we do not even know about. Because we get what they want us to know for sure. I had not remembered the one in 2010, so thanks a lot for refreshing my brain here and for sure something to watch.

    Do you remember when I posted about Internet II that they have, the fiber optic lightening speed one the governments and education places have and what that can do? I will fine my research again and share it here.



    Internet2 NET+ Services
    Internet2 takes a systems approach to high-performance networking, providing its members a wide range of integrated services, from production and development network services to enabling middleware and advanced applications. To learn more, please visit the Internet2 Information Kit.


  3. Now from my understanding of what I read, think it has been a couple years now, this internet2 is not the one we have access to. And they don’t want us to have access to it. So just to clarify this is another internet system altogether for educators, governments, from my understanding. I know I have some other files but this really made me think when I discovered this a while back.


  4. Internet2
    It’s better, it’s faster. You can’t use it.
    By Alexander Russo|Posted Tuesday, June 7, 2005, at 1:45 PM ET

    There’s nothing obviously different or magical about Alan Crosswell’s computer. The dirty, beige machine sits idle in a nondescript office at Columbia University, where Crosswell directs the school’s computer network. Then he lets it loose. In just 2 minutes and 41 seconds, it pulls down more than 500 megabytes of Linux code from servers at Duke University, a task that would normally take hours. Next, Crosswell shows me a violin master class held via videoconference. The DVD-like resolution creates an immediacy that you don’t get with choppy streaming video, and the better-than-CD audio allows both the teacher in Canada and the student in New York to hear every nuance.
    How are these incredible feats of data transmission possible? Because Columbia has access to the other, better Internet—Internet2.

    Yes, there is another Internet. The term “Internet” simply refers to a network of computers. The one that most of us use is Internet1, or the “commodity Internet.” Internet2 was created nearly a decade ago by academics at research universities as a noncommercial prototype—something like what the Internet was back when just a few university researchers were logged on to ARPANET.
    Like the commodity Internet, Internet2 comprises servers, routers, switches, and computers that are all connected together. Routers decide which way to send information, and servers handle Web site requests and store information for retrieval. What makes Internet2 so different is that it has many fewer users and much faster connections.
    While Internet1 is open to pretty much anyone with a computer, access to Internet2 is limited to a select few, and its backbone is made up entirely of large-capacity fiber-optic cables. Rather than Internet1, which is cobbled together out of old telephone lines, Internet2 was built for speed—the roads are all wide and smooth, like your own private autobahn. Internet2 moves data at 10 gigabits per second and more, compared with the 4 or so megabits you’ll get using a cable modem. As a result, Internet2 moves data 100 to 1,000 times faster than the old-fashioned Internet.
    More than 200 universities, 70 private companies, 45 government agencies, and 45 international organizations log on to Internet2 every day. Your work computer might be linked to Internet2 already—you can use this Java applet to find out. There are no secret Web addresses or special browsers required to log on, no buttons saying, “Click here for Internet2.” Organizations that want to join up must demonstrate a research-related purpose, pay dues, and meet minimum technical requirements so they don’t slow down the rest of the Internet2 empire.


  5. Thanks andre, this article says this: amongst many other things

    ‘Supporting the world’s human population will mean eliminating poverty, transitioning to an economy that is in sync with the earth, and securing every person’s health, education, and reproductive choice.

    as well as it says something in there about the poor, countries where this growth will be, then will be competing with the rich?

    like in america right now, these occupy people mad at the rich

    teaching people to covet is what a lot of this has been about

    “It will mean less land and water available for each person. Poorer people, who tend to depend more on natural resources, will bear the brunt as they will not be able to compete with the rich.”

    another sign of how those of the world think, and that total control must soon come

    thanks again you guys for sharing this.


  6. crazy world alright…….pretty grand scheme that would want-would think to control 7 billion (!) people eh?…..oh yeah it is a sign of the last days alright—-and you know what? that number is interesting too……….


  7. I do not get big into going to church and reading the bible… Bt lately I get like these almost small movies that play in my head? i guess u can call it… anywhoo.. these are images of ends, and bad times, and explosions and shakes. Fear beyond all belief and nakedness. Ive been telling my mom “Something is coming” “Something bad is coming” … She knows it as well as the rest. Its just bad when you dont know what to do. 😦


  8. dearest tiffany, i can tell you what i did…..i began to read God’s Word the Bible. it is the only 100% Truth we can count on. perhaps a good place to start is the book of john in the new testament. Jesus’ life will show you He can be trusted because He is God. He is the Pure and Spotless-Perfect-Son of God Who came to take away the sin of the world. on the personal level-that’s you and me—all—(this means you and me) have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. romans 6:23. the whole fallen world and everything and everyone on it reflects this Truth so since we are part of this fallen nature we need God’s Forgiveness-He came to give us Eternal Life. the long and short of it is: we perish without Him. His Righteousness Payment in Blood on the Cross was to pay our sin debt to God. Jesus said-as you will read in John 3:3-you must be born again. please read the whole book of john tiffany then humbly ask God to reveal the Truth of Jesus’ Atonement to your heart and mind–that He may show you how to repent and believe in Christ Jesus to Whom one day–every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord. romans 14:11. romans 10: 9-13 tells us how to respond in faith to what the Holy Spirit reveals to us of Who Jesus Christ really is. Jesus is the only safe way off of this planet. one day He will do the extreme make-over of this earth but for now each of us needs the extreme make-over of our sinful selves (a new heart and mind-a spirit made alive in Jesus-it is a spiritual re-birth) and be saved—for time and eternity. God bless and attend your heart as you read (and your mom) to know that Jesus Alone can answer all of your heart need and give you His Peace to live in a dark-ever darkening-world. i and many others here have read the end of the Book–we know and you can too—-there is Hope! but it is only in Christ Jesus the Lord! Lord, i pray, open the eyes of her heart and give to her the New Life found in Your Name. all for Your sake and by Your Blood–amen.


  9. Thank you Andre i will have to look into that and start reading. I appreciate the feedback you have given me. I will be sure to tell my mom and hopefully she will read it as well :). God bless.


  10. OHH also! Had another odd dream last night. The ground was cracking beneath my feet, and splitting apart. A HUGE flock of grey birds flew over me… that was about it. so weird. hopefully this is just strange dreams i am having and it has no relevant meaning.


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