My last post for Unsealed Prophecy by Adamantine

Certainly there are many good Christians in this site.

However there is quite a degree of overbearing attitude among those who set themselves up as leaders. Neither Wickus not I own this blog. God does and He will do with it as He sees fit. I do not believe in censorship because that always works against the ways of God. This is not a church and there is no Biblical basis for Wickus or me to set ourselves up as arbiters of what is to be posted.
The body of Christ has always been hurt by spiritual busybodies who think they are the elder brother (or sister) who must look out for the spiritual purity of others.

I do not consider myself a prophet. Nevertheless I have had far more predictive events in my life predicated on a dream of mine, vision of another, interpretation of tongues by another etc. than most other Christians that I have known. These were nearly all unsought but in response to very much needed guidance at crucial times in my life. I have suffered enough for the faith to know spiritual battle is real and have no need to judge anyone else past or present as either more or less spiritual or to have suffered more or less than I have for Christ. I have not suffered to the point of shedding of blood. This recent accusation of homosexuality is the first time when I have been able easily to say I will rejoice when men say all manner evil against you falsely on Christ’s account for great is your reward in heaven for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

If you will not even listen to someone who gently with trepidation wishes to lay out a possible interpretation of troubling very questionable insights then how will you ever hear from God when someone other than myself lays out before you a sure word of God but one to which you may need to respond with action? I had already stated that I would ban myself from further attempts to hear from God for others when almost assuredly there is no earthquake. You could not even wait a few days to see me proven wrong.

Genesis 37:20 “Come now, let’s kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns and say that a ferocious animal devoured him. Then we’ll see what comes of his dreams.”
New International Version ©1984



10 thoughts on “My last post for Unsealed Prophecy by Adamantine

  1. The lights have been turned off.

    The telephone is disconnected.

    The internet connection is dead.

    The postal service has stopped mail delivery.

    You get the idea…


  2. I may not agree with everything that you’ve ever written, but I do agree with a lot of it , hate to hear you won’t be writing any more here….


  3. You are an able watchman Adamantine. You see and note and comment on what is happening. Gold at 666 was “happening”. America lauding homosexuality is “happening”. It is a very useful function in the church, because so many are blind, not contemplating, not frankly able to add 2+2. You ably serve that function. But you are also a bit egocentric. Very taken up with your role….while this time of history is no longer about the prophet man or woman,…it is about Christ our Lord, returning to be our leader.
    From the first time I read your observations about the temple…I understood you were a very insightful brother in Christ I would need to search out, read, and learn from you. I still feel that way, even though I see some immaturity in your Christian growth,…but say what,…we all have those areas and will till we get home and our master “fixes us up” as we should be. Humble yourself and continue here. Learn the leadership skills of Moses, who in humility rarely reacted to the critics he received, except to pray for his people. If Christ wants to lift you up as prophet…and I think you would be in the whiney Jeremiah venue (he is my favorite prophet though), then he will do it in his own time and his own way. You won’t have to talk about it at all, others will so speak. You Adamantine, man the wall. Your eyes are sharp, if you fail to do so, our security will definitely be compromised in your arena of service. Love you brother, Nkosazana


  4. In these days, satan will try to turn us against one another because a divided house will fall. We have to be on guard against the attacks of the evil one. We all have to stick together. It may be good for us ALL to take a breather and spend much time alone with God so we will come back refreshed and with the same Spirit. Messiah is not divided. Neither is His Spirit. If we have His Spirit, then we should by no means be divided.


  5. “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine…But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.” 2 Timothy 4

    Shalom Adamantine.


  6. gonna miss adamantine. i hope he will come to see that no harm is/was ever intended. accountability is a good thing afterall. please remind me i said this if and when necessary….


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