Whom does God Choose to be a prophet?

Comment by Adamantine:

I find it interesting that we know very little about why God chooses certain people to be prophets or to have certain of the prophetic gifts. God has not given me the gift of Tongues and i often wonder why not ?

Many people seem to assume that these people were Gods favorites or the most Holy men and women of the day. At one point God had to remind a prophet that there  were 7,000 others  who had not bent the knee to Baal. God had seven thousand others who even in that day of apostasy were in God’s camp. We do not know the actual reason God chose to speak with that one and today the names of the other 7,000 are unknown to us. Most simply assume that they were the most Holy. I suggest that they may have been the ones whom God could trust to speak while the rest were like Jonah. When they heard the message they were too unsure God has spoken or they did not wish to pay the price of the unpopularity which might come their way. Some knew it might place their lives at risk. The bible is not fully clear as to why Jonah fled. He may also have had some fear for his safety to enter the evil empire. Most have heard far too many sermons which chalk it up to his lack of a desire to see the city saved.

Sometimes God may lead it seems by near hits. Someone else saw Gold at 666.30 July 2006 and commented on its interest to those following JS. This near miss played a part in leading others to pray and then to discover the 2006 connection and to look a priori to July 14, 2007 when it did hit 666.00. I did not discover this information by accident but was specifically going to the site to check after a specific time in prayer with others. I had no obligation to share the observation with anyone but did send it to Holly at FP who did not make use of it or ever comment as to its significance or lack thereof. The observation was simply shared for others to consider on FP if Holly decided to do so.

I also had no responsibility to share my concern that the dollar would lose value and gold skyrocket. I did share that with a few who I know personally who visit this site and they were pleased to have acted. Some put there proverbial money where their mouth was.

Some  people  are so locked up by their possibly mistaken understandings of prophecy that they could never be used by God. If anyone’s observations have been leading anyone away from Jesus Christ then they would be a false prophet. I would say consider that in everything you have to say. To be afraid to speak because you might be wrong puts you among the unchosen.

I have always wondered how often God has offered some spiritual task to someone and they did not take it. God has said that He has at times been surprised that He could find no one to stand in the gap.

Personally how exactly God acts remains much a mystery to me. He seems to do things in strange ways and often in new ways.I would hope there is someone in this audience who is hearing from God. I do not think God speaks to cowards however who upon hearing will not take the risk to share if God leads. That is one of the lessons of Jonah.

Herb Peters fasted and prayed and only then did he  see rec. 666 coming off the teletype. He was not a coward as so many are and he reported it.  He also spoke to what he thought it meant.

He usually said God chose him to report it because he would speak it because he did not have anything to lose. I think God chose him because God could trust Him to speak it. Many thought his observation wrong and simply a cute coincidence. At present it is not possible to say he was correct. Because Herb Peters spoke we have the opportunity to consider it. He was banned and prevented from speaking about it in most prophecy sites and so he HAD to start a web site. Others hindered his attempts.

Jonah was also angry that God stayed His judgment on Nineveh and we have no proof God explained His stay of execution to the city. They were thankful but I suspect that later many became  unthankful and I venture a number decided Jonah was a false prophet. They then began to sin again. God did have to destroy the city later. We do not know if He warned them again. Not every act of God is recorded in the Bible. We are told that all the books in the world at the time of Jesus would not hold all that Jesus said and did.

There is a time when wisdom is really fear. Many are afraid to be wrong. Gideon took a lot of extra encouragement. How many other Jonahs has God had?

Let us assume that I am wrong about any of the observations in my life that ever involved discerning what God was doing. I have been wrong in a lot of things in my life and so to add misreading what God may be saying is quite wise.

Next let us ask ourselves if God were to warn of an earthquake how would He have to do it so that you would tell others?

What would He have to do so that you would listen ?

11 thoughts on “Whom does God Choose to be a prophet?

  1. going back to when Herb was around and reporting to us ALL OF THIS AMAZING IFORMATION on reccmnd 666… all i can say is, that was the river……………………………………………………….THIS IS THE SEA ! we are in the rapid mainstream now,..this is a trip! God Love Ya ADMAN, you rock. i’m glad your out there keeping us informed/ i got you n your ministery in my prayers, covered w/ the blood of the lamb, Jesus. carry on


  2. I think God will definitely use events as confirmation to let us know if something is right or not. As far as being a prophet goes, you will know without a doubt, that God is sending you if you are indeed a prophet. If God has not clearly spoken to you (whether audibly or in a vision or dream) and called you to warn others of something that he explicitly told you, then as of yet I would not say that person is a prophet.

    Being a prophet aside, we are all still called to be watchmen and alert the masses of what is coming and to call them to repentance.


  3. me too, i also agree. me and adamantine agree on a lot of stuff, but not everything,…for example- he thinks everything has to be documented, and I DON’T!,…just kiddin, i do./ shoot!, i hate when that happens , i find some great piece of sensational research-share it w/ everybody, all excited- and-BOOM-, it falls from the sky, lifeless, w/ no documentation to keep it alive and afloat./ oh yeah, you’ll see,… the great pumpkin really will rise from this patch!!!, remember linus?, …no documentation!


  4. Adamantine, the problem is not that you observed gold at $666. The problem is also not that you feel an urgency in the 11-11-11 date. The problem is that you have changed and are totally obsessed with the prophetic and in that way neglect your calling as a watchman. By what you have written this pass few days it looks like you think you are called as a prophet and you want to elevate yourself above everyone on this site. You are beginning to feel like Isaiah, rejected by the people. And because people are correcting you, it stirs the martyr spirit in you.

    Now, concerning the 7000:

    1Ki 19:18 Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.

    There is no way to even try to proof that these 7000 were prophets. Balaams donkey is a better example of a prophet. This is grasping for straws to proof a point at best.

    On your other comment you said that Herb Peters saw Rec 666 as an answer to prayer and that makes him a false prophet. I truly believe that you are confusing the duties of an end time watchman with that of a prophet. At this rate we are all false prophets according to you. This site is then completely false and should be shut down.

    Adamantine, this is NOT a conspiracy against you. There are many people concerned about your current trend. You have changed. I know we are co-partners on this site but what is transpiring here is division. Division is not from the Lord. People mailed me saying that they do not want to visit anymore because of what is happening here. We both agreed that censorship is not a good thing as people must be allowed to say what they believe. But I never thought this site will become like this, an argument and endorsing of false prophets. I never meant for this site to endorse Rick Joyner and the false apostolic and prophetic movement. I never thought that you will be lured away by it.

    As a Christian I believe any endorsement of false teachings must be censored. but the exposing of it is fine and edifying to the body of Christ. I will not let this site become a laughing stock and a disgrace to the Lord.

    The links to Choo Thomas and other false teachers on this site is for exposure, not endorsement. If you Google “Choo Thomas” you will find my old blog currently at no 4 and this blog at no 8 on Google’s first page. That is why there are still so many hits to this site.

    I ask you as a brother to stop this type of posts. I do care about the people reading here and I am tired of this division. If you feel that you have a word from the Lord, post it so that the rest of us can be as the Bereans and search the Scripture if it is so.

    Please also keep in mind that I am posting under my real name. Many posters here are friends of mine on Facebook. I do not post under an alias. My name and face is well known. You can vanish easily and no one will know who you are. Me on the other hand will be left to deal with this.


  5. “And because people are correcting you, it stirs the martyr spirit in you.” That was some great wisdom, Wickus, and I’m sensing it was meant to be a great “word of admonishment” for your/our dear friend, Mr Adamantine.

    Lol, just cuz I read what you just wrote about the $666, Wickus, I had to chuckle about a recent experience I had with that number. I was at my folks last week helping them cut and split wood for the winter and I woke up before them one morning and headed to the living room where my dad has a digital thermometer that tells the inside and outside temps. Lol, it read temp outside 48 point something (forgot exact #) and temp inside 66.6. For one half of a second in time my mind wanted to think this might be the day where I lose a limb or something, until I quickly rebuked whatever part of my brain it was that caused me to think such a thing. LOL, I’m happy to report back that I made it through the trip with all my body parts intact.

    Thanks for all the labors of love, Wickus and Adamantine, you have pertaining to this site, and the information which persists from thereof. God Bless you both.


  6. God has already chosen the prophets, Then Jesus came back and died for our sins hence no more need for prophets. The bible pretty much covers everything till the end so any one that says they are a prophet then “BEWARE”. 🙂


  7. i have a question–what is a word of knowledge in the bible in 1 corinthians 12:8? instead of prophecy is it perhaps a word of knowledge that herb peters and adamantine received when they were given understanding pertaining to the number 666 in each of their respective answers to prayer? i do not profess to know much at all about this but have received supernatural answers to very specific prayers before myself. i’ll perhaps share here sometime. those times have left me absolutely in awe even years later that the Lord was so very particular with me to address a deep need to understand a perplexing situation and in such a profound and amazing way that brought a resolution that was much needed. maybe someone can shed some light here. i do not see a real claim to a gift of prophecy as such-unless i missed something-but exploration on adamantine’s part to understand more of something that he is much in prayer about. (though i pray he will avoid those aforementioned “ministries” because they are trouble. t-r-o-u-b-l-e………….)


  8. I was led to Google how did got choose His Prophet’s & came upon your website.My spirit connected with what I read. I feel & tugging within me to filled far more than I am. A hunger in my spirit that I believe God desires & is leading me to. What is the best course of action for me to take? At this late stage in my life I feel unsatisfied & unfulfilled, even though I know delay is not denial. Can you guide me please. God bless you?


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