There is a Tide in the Affairs of Men

Comment by Adamantine:

Preaching the Gospel is the war of all days but that does not remove the fact that different issues are at times the focus of spiritual battle.

The relationship between the sexes and the family is the primary battleground.

Progression in America in movies and in everyday life over one generation of three score and ten years

1940’s Openly Christian President wins world war and recognizes Israel, America greatest creditor nation

1950 honor families with Dad,Mom and children who attend church and pray, honor homemaker mom’s, add In God we Trust to Money, add “under God” to pledge of allegiance, ban homosexuality in the military, have baby boom

a) 1960’s

*destigmatize fornication,

*honor marriage ceremonies outside of church ( at parks with non Christian liturgy,write your own vows)

*dishonor homemaker mom’s

learn about world’s religion’s (Ravi Shankar, the Beatles)

b) 1970’s accept no fault divorce, honor working mom’s, honor worshiping God in creation, honor small families, abort babies

c) 1980’s accept children before marriage, accept all manner of remarriage, honor mixed parent families, cease pledging allegiance in schools, celebrate ecology, clean water, have small families

d) 1990s’ destigmatize adultery, honor single mom’s, dishonor dad’s, honor Gaea the mother Goddess of the World

e) 2000 destigmatize homosexuality, dad absent,dishonor Christianity, dishonor those who preach Christianity in movies, becomes greatest debtor nation

f) 2010 honor homosexual marriage , educate about non Christian religions

g) 2011 dishonor those who dishonor homosexuality, pledge of allegiance given without “under God” stated at National sports event

* honor families headed by single mom’s or gay men

* dishonor Christianity, dishonor those who preach Christianity in real time news

honor fornication, adultery in news and movies, honor fornication in real time “reality” shows

Honor homosexuality with national Gay month, entry into military and speeches to the United Nations

2012 ? honor non Christian religions, elect Mormon or Muslim President ?

2013 ? Non Christian President recognizes Palestine and divides the land of Israel

2015 ? Persecute Christians openly


10 thoughts on “There is a Tide in the Affairs of Men

  1. It could be elaborated on by the inclusion of the increasingly manipulative trashing of Christianity by movies and media…..but it is a slippery slope for sure. Nkosazana


  2. …what i’m saying is PRAISE THE LORD JESUS, SON OF GOD, SAVIOR…..its happening!!! prophecy IS being FULFULLED,…now this here is cause for a shin-dig! / its sad to see the catapiller die…………………………but, what a GLORIOUS thing it is , to wittness the emergence of a BUTTERFLY from its silk palace- cucoon! a marval in sight, and a wonder in flight……a glorified creature! Keep the Faith, hold your head UP!


  3. …these things must happen,……..keep your eye on the Prize, THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE, …..Yahweh knows what He is doing ,….and what He’s allowing to be done. Let us truely seek, the peace that surpasseth ALL UNDERSTANDING, in these times., amen


  4. …enter into GOD’S REST, it is yours for the asking………just shoot me baby,..get it? take ME away, that YOU might increase!


  5. surrender=give up,… can’t stop the beast, in fact you don’t have to, ultimately HE [Jesus] has got the whole world, in His Hands… know the sweet, precious song,….He’s got the whole wide world, in His hands!////thru the eyes of a child, you must learn how to SEE


  6. Child-like faith!……..what a thing; TO BELIEVE!/////BELIEVEING IS EVERYTHING, …truely believing yields trusting thru obedience, tho imperfect your obedience may be,…keep on keeping on, seek ye first His Kingdom,……..the Day is near at hand,..and in the daytime, you can move a mountain!, now its over here/ now its over there!!/ THE LOVE OF GOD IS REAL!


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