Beware of false prophets

Comment by Wickus:

Mat 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
Mat 24:5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

Do you understand what Jesus is saying? Is He saying that many shall come who will say that they are Christ, like an antichrist figure? Is he saying that we must beware of blatantly false teachings like the Watchtower or Mormons? Please read the verse again:

For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

He is saying that many shall come in His name, saying He (Jesus) is the Christ and still deceive many. Wow, that is strong words! People will stand on pulpits, write books, do miracles, prophecy all in the name of Jesus, but they will be false prophets. Here He confirms it:

Mat 7:22-23  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Friends, Jesus is not talking to sinners here. He is talking to people who some knew as Christian teachers. This is a serious warning for those who follow the teachings of the false prophets around us. This is a warning for people wanting the gift of prophecy so much that they open themselves up for deception.

Rick Joyner has been exposed many times as a false prophet. Some even says his books and writings is mambo jumbo and saying nothing. I have never read a book of his and I am not interested to start, but a quick Google search provides more than enough information about his false teachings. On his web page he is clearly still endorsing Tod Bentley, a false teacher who is getting his teachings from an angel called Emma. You can see the link between Rick Joyner and Tod Bentley on a Google search by clicking HERE.

Deception comes in s subtle way. You do not get up one morning thinking: “Aah, I feel like getting deceived today!” It can happen to anybody. I was also caught up in the “Name it / Claim it” movement for a time. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit to open ones eyes.

Adamantine, I pray that you will take this seriously. I am concerned about your latest interest in the prophetic and the sources you use. It will not lead to any good. We have the sure Word of prophecy, the good old trusted Bible. All we need to know to warn others is written in it. Not only will the US be judged, the whole world will be judges. It is clearly written in the Bible and there is more than enough material to warn everyone. Sadly most will not listen.

With this I clearly want to state that I, Wickus, do not endorse the teachings of Rick Joyner, Tod Bentley and the rest of their movement associated with them. I urge anyone to stay away from anything these people say or write.



22 thoughts on “Beware of false prophets

  1. Wickus, thank you for the comment regarding Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley, neither would I want any such endorsements on my blog, by the way, it’s YOUR blog and you have every right, (obligation) to edit and monitor as you see fit. This notion that anyone has a RIGHT to say anything on anybody’s blog and board is ridiculous.   Constitutional rights to free speech do not trump the rights of boards and blogs to monitor their own content. One does, however, have a right to create their own blog, and THERE they should be free to say what they want.                 

    You seem a little frustrated and vexed, I just want you to know that your obligation to pure doctrine and biblical teaching trumps ALL.


  2. so interesting to see it that way Wickis!,… that saying,” I am Christ”, pointing to Jesus ,rather than to themselves, but i’m sure it also is talking about ones who believe themselves to be Christ or The Christ or a Christ,- as like short-tribber says that these prophecies have a crescendo of fulfillments., for whatever its worth, which may be a lot!


  3. CS Lewis in Screwtape letters makes a point of having Satan encourages his imps to not attempt to teach people black is white,..but to just mislead them a few inches from the truth, understanding that following small errs even for a while in times will put you far a field.



  4. a preacher pointed out that its a nautical word that the bible uses, that speaks of us slowly going adrift and off course, and eventually getting LOST at sea, Nkosazana. we need to carefully n prayerfully STAY ON COURSE! thanks brothers n sisters for your imput n your prayers!


  5. Thank You Wickus.

    Deception seldom comes roaring in with clanging bells and brass bands. Deception’ arrival often goes unnoticed albeit undetected by far too many as each strive to be all they feel the LORD has called them to be. There is something subtly deceptive about deception. Deception all to often goes unnoticed, undetected, unchecked and unchallenged.

    We must test all things – accepting nothing as truth which cannot be based on the foundation of scripture. In the dark days ahead many will come with new ideas, new ways of doing, new ways of being -remember the words of our LORD:

    “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16


  6. …creator made the serpent wise,…with evil in his tempting eyes.///man is wonderful, very wonderful, look at him ,..and beware the future.///////i’m waking up, the day of man has come!///and there, upon the horizon,..a new dawn seems to be rising…..night time fears,..disappear. HOSANNA


  7. …when your racing in the rapids, theres only one way, thats to ride. Flowing w/ the river of life,…Let go and let GOD! FAITH is invincible!/ a weapon of the spirit!


  8. Wickus……..

    I love you man!

    On the other thread, Romalynn and I called Adamantine out – not being mean spirited, but totally necessary in order to reach the heart and mind of someone who does this web -site a great service – and appears to be drifting away. Romalynn backed her advise with Scripture. I called Adamantine out, by examining the very words that he puts forth on this web-site. For what’s in a man’s heart often comes out of his mouth. In Adamantines case, I believe what is coming out of his heart is being written on these pages.

    I personally feel sorry for Adamantine, as he does a wonderful job with posting articles, and giving summaries of how he feels that current events fit Bible Prophecy. For that he is to be commended. I pray that he doesn’t quit. On the other hand, I feel that he may be dealing with some issues or demons that he is personally struggling with – that being stated, I think that he may be GAY.

    If I may…….. based on the things that Adamantine has written about – I feel that he is in the closet, struggling with his desire to let someone know about how truly GAY he is. Being married for over 25 years does not qualify one as being straight – even having kids. Using that as a qualifier alone, is like a man using a hat that is a required to be worn, and choosing a size 7, to fit on a 10 gallon head.You see, someone like that looks at himself in the mirror, and says to himself….. wow, this hat looks pretty good on me – all the while knowing that a small hat, can’t quite cover that big ole head. In the mean time, as he walks through Society wearing that hat – showing that he is all good; others who are carefully watching him, can clearly see that that 200 dollar hat, is actually on a 10 cent head.

    Adamantine, if you are reading this…..and I know that you are…..dude, I’m going to pray that you leave False Prophets, and their teachings alone. It appears as if you are attempting to reach out to them to fill a void in your life, in order to confirm what you may be personally struggling with – that being GAY.

    Until you can speak about other events as it relates to the entire World, and not look to some soothsayer for self gratification, or fulfillment, and answers, and further quit talking exclusively about the homosexual agenda……then I will continue to believe that you are GAY.


  9. Comment by Adamantine:
    This is our blog and yet it is not our policy to censor.
    Wickus has asked me on this site as his equal. If that were not true I would not be commenting at all. I consider all of you to be equals as well which is why I will not censor.
    If I were to come across some egregious error I would have it put on a side where it is clear (I,We) do not approve. and all continuing the discussion would know this.
    Not all that Wickus has written has met with my approval either.
    For the reader FYI, it is not expected that Wickus and I will agree on everything.
    There is no one one this site that has ever met my full approval.
    Wickus and I have disagreed as to the relative merit to Wilkerson book “The vision” and writings of his which go back many years.

    There has been a long ongoing discussion on this site about ChooThomas . She reminds me of Dr. Eby who also said he had visited heaven. I think she is wrong but I am not bothered by people discussing her. By the way Herb Peters is banned on the raptureready site. Herb Peters saw rec. 666 as he says in answer to prayer. At the current moment that might make him a false prophet.

    It is not possible to carry on a discussion if anyone is banned. If I need to quote from the Koran to make a point that would be correct. The Koran is a book of many lies but it has some truth. The same is also true for Rick Joyner. He is not a prophet in my estimation in the Biblical sense. He is also not correct on all of his doctrine.


  10. Comment by Adamantine;
    Mr Baldy:
    I am honored to be misunderstood for Christ but I am not gay.

    I also gather you are not a psychoanalyst.
    If you are speaking out of a supposed spiritual insight then I would have to say you are a false prophet.

    I had quite a laugh with a friend at a prayer meeting this morning as we discussed this observation of yours. Apparently no discussion of just how attractive sexually I find women is going to convince you. You would say “methinks he doth protest too much”
    God knows I am guilty of lust but even He is laughing right now.


  11. me too adamantine, guilty that is,…me too find women, you know…………………attractive. baldy is quite a rig, quite a unit, n quite a piece of work~! i’m glad hes on this site- hes sincere and intelligent[a good combo], and hes allways been a tuff guy, thats why me n my dog and my boys may be able to use him in kickin’ solana’s butt in!,and sarkozy blair and a lot of other chumps! you may wish to join in?…are you tuff, i mean hey you got to be ruff, as this is no job fer lightweights….we’re goin in there to KICK SOME BUTT, w/ baldy leadin’ the way!/


  12. Wickus,
    Thank you for being bold enough to speak truth to your partner. I have been following here for months ‘watching’. Unfortunately in the past month I have stopped frequenting as often and have stopped referring your site to others due to the troubling spirit of Deception regarding Adamantines posts with regards to his obsession of wanting to be exalted as a prophet. I did forgive the whole Rick Joyner issue but see it has very adversely affected Adamantines view of his own role.
    On a Baldy note, I do have a degree in psychology (I am not proud of it as I now see it as a pseudo science) but again, the frequent babbling regarding homosexuality is disturbing as well; not that it isn’t an issue it is just strange how it never fits with the other information here. I realize “as in the days of Noah” but it still doesn’t contribute to ‘Unsealed Prophecy’, ENPI, and REC 666.
    Stay strong Wickus, you are not alone in your assessment!


  13. Wickus thank you so much for making this stand so that your readers on this blog know this. America is not the center of prophecy to begin with and if she rise or fall, will still not be, however it will affect the world. If as many of us believe we are in the times, even if ENPI not be it, we are in those times for sure as we watch we can see this. And I feel the man is still well worth watching who could rise any time to fulfill the antichrist prophecy. I see that threads are being started to divert away from your making a stand and even posting another important update to endtimes prophecy. I will for sure comment on those and share some things I have research on. You do not have to sensor your commentors here, but you certainly have the right to monitor what threads are posted on YOUR blogsite if they deviate from your stated intent for YOUR blogsite. Thanks again, all are in my prayers and heart here.


  14. I need my glasses on misused sensor, lol, should be censor instead, I need a spellchecker and corrector on here. Thanks for overlooking these things.


  15. to accuse rick joyner of being false prophet is so wrong i have met the man and many pastors recognize his propjhetic giftings. obvioously this group is not that educated in the prophetic to know who he is and now to critiixize my husband as being gay is so evil., dont say things about people u dont , know he is a Godly man and very much a man, not gay at all so evil to make such statements that are lies repent now u are attacking a righteous man i know him and rick joyner personally . be slow to speak and listen to the holy spirit not demons .speak in truth not just your opinions, pray and ask the holy spirit dont judge another man,
    God speaks thru prophets and all christians who read the bible and pray all the gifts of the spirit are present in this day and age regardless of what christian denomination u attend.l think before u stone someone with lies the LORD is listening to all of these thoughtsl


  16. Been zip lining and doing some pretty distracting things to get my mind off the complexity of the situation here at our littl place of fellowship.My heart is broken and my spirit is grieved in a way I don’t even understand myself right now.

    Promise to agree in prayer with you all as well as sending a littl ” hey Toniiee” we love and miss ya well as a doggie hug to that cute dog you use to illustrate what true agape love is – unconditional right!

    Roma I love ya sis! wait no…I love you ALL with a love that can only come from Him amen!!

    Hitting the knees.


  17. My last post for unsealed prophecy by Adamantine:

    Certainly there are many good Christians in this site.
    However there is quite a degree of overbearing attitude among those who set themselves up as leaders. Neither Wickus not I own this blog. God does and He will do with it as He sees fit. I do not believe in censorship because that always works against the ways of God. This is not a church and there is no Biblical basis for Wickus or me to set ourselves up as arbiters of what is to be posted.
    The body of Christ has always been hurt by spiritual busybodies who think they are the elder brother (or sister) who must look out for the spiritual purity of others.

    I do not consider myself a prophet. Nevertheless I have had far more predictive events in my life predicated on a dream of mine, vision of another, interpretation of tongues by another etc. than most other Christians that I have known. These were nearly all unsought but in response to very much needed guidance at crucial times in my life. I have suffered enough for the faith to know spiritual battle is real and have no need to judge anyone else past or present as either more or less spiritual or to have suffered more or less than I have for Christ. I have not suffered to the point of shedding of blood. This recent accusation of homosexuality is the first time when I have been able easily to say I will rejoice when men say all manner evil against you falsely on Christ’s account for great is your reward in heaven for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
    If you will not even listen to someone who gently with trepidation wishes to lay out a possible interpretation of troubling very questionable insights then how will you ever hear from God when someone other than myself lays out before you a sure word of God but one to which you may need to respond with action? I had already stated that I would ban myself from further attempts to hear from God for others when almost assuredly there is no earthquake. You could not even wait a few days to see me proven wrong.

    Genesis 37:20 “Come now, let’s kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns and say that a ferocious animal devoured him. Then we’ll see what comes of his dreams.”
    New International Version ©1984


  18. I personally abhor contention.Stay away from it.Refuse to be part of the whole Proverbs 6v 19 ‘s sixth warning and have no intention for a back and forth debate on the issue of Rick Joyner either but do need to say to Mrs Adamantine that I am very much surprised at your comment, the words you chose and the “style” in which it was written.

    As a child of God that has personally tasted the fires of false accusation in my life ( as stated in your husbands last post) never once did I feel the ” need” to have someone defend me and I for one refuse to believe Adamantine would either.

    This is not a false accusation either but a trying to understand your words. We have had the opportunity to get to know the man that refers to himself as “Adamantine ” since ’07 and find it fascinating the usage (?) of your wording and the need not to use your own name is quite disconcerting.

    Please don’t refer us to being “not educated” in the prophetic but do have the right based on God’s word to TEST the SPIRIT behind Rick Joyner.That dear Mrs Adamantine is exactly what the Lord called me to exercise and warn of the dangerous NAR agenda behind this all.May God be my judge on that.

    Please know that this will be bathed in much prayer. The 11th of Nov is less than 4 weeks away and I pray that your husband will be vindicated.

    On a end note.There is no guile found on this tongue and pray that the Lord will lead and guide us all in the difficult days that lay ahead. Adamantine please know you will be in my prayers daily.We love you!
    Agape Colleen


  19. Mr. Baldy, there are few “very few” things I disagree on with you, love you brother, but in saying something like this, on an open board, when having never met in person is terrible.. and seems so unlike what I’ve always read from you.

    It would be awful to have to stand before Christ and find out you are wrong…

    Praying for both of you…


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