Caveat Emptor (AGAIN)

An important reversal of focus, expectation, and direction has taken place in Europe. Put aside the sovereign debt mess that will not go away. It will not be fixed, despite all the effort and talk and deal making. They must prepare for a string of bank failures and a Greek default. Every solution executed or proposed or pending involves the same lunatic device of creating more debt or more money to solve a problem caused by too much credit creation and unchecked monetary creation

Comment by Adamantine:

I am posting this information because I would wish to be told it by a friend had I not seen it myself.

1) I am not a financial wizard or adviser.

I am reporting what I think. I was raised around people who studied the markets and gold reaching back for 60 years.

2) I am not a ” biblical prophet” with a proven track record giving God’s word for the world.

I am being honest in reporting what I ponder. I have asked God for His help and do not yet know for sure if He gave it. I have never lived a life before and while I have studied the Bible I am unsure how and when Joseph and Daniel first found that God would allow them to speak to things of the future. All I can say in my defense is I tried.

3) I am an expert on the end time theories of the Bible as presented by writers of the last few hundred years who have expected to see a rise of the Roman Empire and a Return of Israel to the land.

I also am an expert on the theories of Herb Peters who pondered events combining to set us on a path for acceleration of the Roman Empire and Israel theories

4) I am an expert on world affairs as they currently relate to the interlocking emergence of global governance. Those involved in the actual process of bringing about that global governance are so far ahead of me or you or anyone else in understanding the emerging new world order that we should all shudder.



I bring you today’s post only because it is what I do think is happening in the economic big picture.

I do not ask for your money,trust,love, promotion.

I will accept your prayers.

Hence Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)

I make several recommendations :

Become a Christian,get out of sin, get out of debt,and take care to provide for a possible difficult time in the world ahead. Only you know how much you should spend, give away,store.

God Bless


2 thoughts on “Caveat Emptor (AGAIN)

  1. Money is the whole problem, We don’t need it to live and 80% of the worlds population actually only earns under $20 a day and like 60% earn under 10, that’s around the mark but not exact but you get the picture. Look at places like India and China with massive populations and most of their people have next to nothing regarding wealth but they live fine. What you don’t have you don’t miss 🙂
    God provided 4 things for us to live: Food, water, Shelter, Clothes and anything after that is a want.
    If we want things and are left with nothing that’s what we deserve due to we haven’t appreciated the things we need.


  2. i’ve never thought about it like that before Lafreak,…interesting! i appreciate like crazy, and now i got this here dog/prince charming, rugged little ole tough cuss ever exciting,SAM! i wouldn’t trade him for all the money in the world. He’s a billion dollar baby, and he’s BLACK GOLD, TEXAS T,…. i struck it rich!!! Glory to God! He’s my soul- mate, best friend ever, so much fun as every day he is so eager to dig in to life!/ One more time to live, and i have made it mine/ leave the wise to write for they write worldly rhyme/ and he who wants to fight begins the end of time//, for i have riches more than these……me n sam disappear into the back woods,…and its like narnia—total escape from the ordinary! Praise God for youthful exuberance and sweet innocence displayed in a puppy full of frolic n play! he is like frosty the snowman!, or like the cat in the hat!


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