Where is Shame?

Tattle: She said she had sex with Ashton

THE WOMAN who allegedly had a one-night stand with Ashton Kutcher‘s does not subscribe to the don’t-kiss-and-tell philosophy of life.Sara Leal, the 23-year-old San Diego babe who says she slept with the very married Kutcher on the day he and Demi Moore should have been celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary, spilled the beans to the Brit tabloid Sun
Comment by Adamantine:
A major joy of heaven will be God cleansing us of all duplicity and sin forever.When I sin I feel shame. The shame even  has a component of hypocrisy in that I have shame and do not want my sin known by God or man. This woman may not have the same hypocrisy to struggle with but she also has no sense of shame and no apparent current sense of right or wrong.

I seem to remember a scripture that says “they proclaim their sin like Sodom.”

The sin compounds.

I have a genuine fear that God would deal with me if I acted this way. I possibly do not fear to sin enough in other areas but currently so many in the secular world seem to hate the hatred of sin. They hate any claim that God will judge these people for their sin ever.

If I were to say that someday in God’s perfect timing these two will either repent and find God’s forgiveness or they will experience that “falling into the hands of an angry God” is terrifying some would object. For these people God apparently is “good” ” all the time”.

I really do fear for them. The bible claims some are honored with long life because of some acts and others short ones because of others. It also says the rain falls on the good and the bad alike. Only God decides. Some good die young too I am sure. In any case I fear to act in certain ways that might provoke the anger of God. I can say that without being perfect. I am casting stones at the sin and not the sinner. I think God casts stones at both the sin and sinner in His time and place.

I now know I need to go pray for them.


One thought on “Where is Shame?

  1. When I first was scrolling down I just saw the subheading under the headline and thought – “Gasp this is how they get rid of Cathy Ashton, a personal scandal!!!”

    Then I kept reading and realized I got all excited over nothing, well comparatively.. LOL

    More evidence that the love of many has grown cold.


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