Reality Check, Playing the Devil’s advocate

Comment by Adamantine;

If we play the “devils” advocate on this post I would invite all to comment on what they think the greatest obstruction is that points to the ENPI theory to be incorrect.

Here are a few that come to mind:

1) The EU military while having a weak preliminary scaffolding in place is far from complete

2) The Galileo GPS of Europe is incomplete

3) China is still early on the curve of developing its military capacity

4) There is still no true sign of a new world currency or trading system

5) Earthquakes while increased ? are not (thankfully) of a whole new magnitude in size or number

6) The world economic morass still muddles along

7) It is difficult to imagine a change of heart in Israel allowing for any sacrifice

If you wish of course you are free to say there are no strong contraindications apparent to progress of the theory.



21 thoughts on “Reality Check, Playing the Devil’s advocate

  1. Even though the EU could gather a pretty massive army (Although NATO are the real “World Police force” currently), on face value it seems that the EU are all over the place so no 1 would be the one I would go with ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I might not be accurate or precise in my response (so please be kind if anyone wants to correct me on these points)

    1-Although the EU is a part of those that come against Israel, they will not be the only ones with an army around Israel. So, even thought the EU military is incomplete, that doesn’t mean that the NATO armies could not merge or become the EU military arm. Also, other armies can make agreements to assist in certain situations, like in Libya? Several countries were involved to enforce the mandate right?

    2) I don’t know much about the Galileo GPS of Europe. If it’s needed to enforce the mark on everyone, I would argue that can be done without a GPS.

    3) China boasted a few years ago that they can man a 200M army. (It was the exact number the Bible references for the second wave of the army coming down against Israel)

    4) As far as the new world currency or trading system, that (in my opinion) could fall into place quickly with planning behind the scenes for years.

    5) I heard somewhere that you could go to the government earthquake monitoring site and search earthquakes over 6.0 for the past years and decades. The increase is considerable from the 1990’s I’ve heard.

    6) True (not much to say about this one as it’s a little above my head I think

    7) Regarding Israel and the sacrifices, I thought a remnant was all that was needed, and not a repenting of the nation of Israel.

    Some of these things might not make sense in the timeline for the ENPI. I’m still trying to get my head around all the things that must take place for the theory to be true. However, if the theory falls and turns out to be incorrect, I would say that ‘what has been done before will be done again’. It might just have been a way for the Lord to get our attention and a foreshadowing of what is to come. I have noticed that every September for the last few years is a busy month for prophecy. It seems to cycle. Maybe the ENPI will be the same way if it doesn’t prove to be true.



  3. I just was given a link to a website by a friend. The website is I am not computer savvy enough to provide you the link but if you type this in I am sure you will get where you need to go. It has a lot of good articles but the one that caught my interest was about the clock that has been built in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It has pictures and a video. I did not watch the video but read the article and went to one of the links provided in support of what was being said in the article. They are saying that this clock is already up and running and that the muslims are pushing for the world to change our time from GMT to mecca time beginning in 2012. If successful would this fulfill the scripture Daniel 7:25? I hope this is not too far off topic. Please feel free to comment or correct. This is the first time have visited the i saw the light ministries website. They claim not to have any affiliation with any denomination and encourage the reader to get out their Bible and check everything out that they say. They ask the reader not to believe them but to read the word and think for themselves. That statement was enough for me to stay and read what they had to say.


  4. the harvest is nearing,……..that is all i seem to be able to say at this moment. perhaps thats all that needs to be said. God be with you Adamantine


  5. It does sound like he had that kind of experience. I think that is why he picked the name maybe. Sounds like he came out of the denominational experience and began to think for himself. I am still reading it. Let me know what you think of the clock fulfilling Dan. 7:25.


  6. Hi Brenda,

    Interesting site, but the one thing that caught my eye is the same as yours but for a different reason. Here it is:

    “Daniel 7 fulfilled, ANTIchrist thinks to change times and laws, change GMT to Mecca Clock tower time”

    This is utter nonsense and completely sensational. Who gives the site owners the right to claim that Dan 7 HAS BEEN fulfilled? Who is the antichrist? Who says the antichrist will be from Islam? It is pure speculation. It is this type of heading that makes me navigate away from a page.

    Just to clarify, I am not rude to you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just upset at the heading on the site.


  7. these things are actually taking shape if your asking me-the world economy is well on it’s way. all the right “crumblings” are happening now-at some point will be toast-with something evil and very invasive rising from the ashes. i do not think it is a long wait. we know earthquakes are increasing in number and intensity. china is looming large in it’s influence and it has a military mindset-it’s pride and joy-and they will use it. with nasa’s doors closed now do you really think that won’t be re-vamped to be used to further a world project? america sends money and equipment by the ship load for others to implement (thanks especially goes to bho & he could be rewarded greatly with no need to win an american election as that may be becoming soon a thing of the past). galileo gps may benefit greatly there and technology for tracking everyone is morphing almost daily to improve the system-steve jobs left behind many plans for the near future that will be used massively and will soon be delivered with a nice package complete with a bow on top that the world will be proud of (people are techno junkies by and large but even for those who are not they can be brought up to speed by voice activation and other clever means to make it easy). the enpi may be currently be on the table for certain “improvements”-we can watch and see if it keeps it’s original shape or changes-it’s come a long way from the barcelona process (and just who thought that one up?). the eu military wing might be becoming leaner and meaner to be part of a global endeavor as america’s military sovereignty is being dissolved and it’s mission changing against our american interests-i think a global military will reveal a new face before long. israel has no friends-the palestinians and other arab states are having a heyday with their new found “respect”- they are an illegitimate entity to begin with and with their arab brothers-in a general sense-terrorists to boot. (js in particular lent his “expertise” to give them a leg up on a world platform against israel). and israel still does not operate from biblical truth-still quite secular and wants favor from the world and peace with a willingness on many levels to huge compromise because they do not believe God’s promises which is the setup to buy a great big lie. the spirit of anti-christ is beginning to envelope the whole world or am i coo-coo or something?…….much conjecture from me here but still the possibilities are immense in favor of this whole thing–it could all turn on a dime and become that massive machine with all it’s working parts with a certain someone who hardly sleeps at night busily pulling it’s strings in all those closed door meetings winning world acclaim by the bushel basket full–and speaking very arrogantly on every possible global issue…… can read world headlines-so to speak-off many a bible page now….even so come quickly Lord Jesus!


  8. Adamantine you stated:

    “If we play the โ€œdevilsโ€ advocate on this post I would invite all to comment on what they think the greatest obstruction is that points to the ENPI theory to be incorrect.”

    As of now, I don’t see anything that would be any obstruction that can point to the ENP(I) theory being incorrect.

    To keep it very simple………

    We have a previous Covenant that has been confirmed, underpinned, or strengthened for a period of 7 years between Israel and her neighbors, by a man who had the responsibility of carrying out this confirmation process, at the time of his appointed Position, which was numbered 666,

    We only need to look for the A0D at this point.


  9. I agree that the headline was incorrect in saying that it has already fulfilled Daniel 7:25 but if you read the article it says that the muslims are pushing for this not that they have accomplished their goal. I will rephrase my question to more reflect what I was thinking and wanting to ask. My question was if they accomplish their goal – say by convincing the beast system or antichrist to change the time – would this fulfill Daniel 7:25? Thank you for clarifying that you were not being rude. Sometimes what we write can look alot differently in print than if we were sitting face to face and said the very same thing to each other just due to we do not have benefit of hearing the tone of someone’s voice or seeing their facial expressions. Many people forget this when they are online and take offense when none was intended.


  10. Seems like I remember there being a conversation on here a short time ago about when anyone be able to say that this is the antichrist for sure or would anyone ever be able to say for sure. This is in reference to your comments about what gives the website owners the right to say that Daniel 7 has been fulfilled. I am in agreement with you that it has not at this point but will we ever be able to come out and say that Daniel 7 has been or will we say it possibly could have been the fulfillment at some point. I think this may be an individual decision that we will all have to make. We will all eventually have to ask ourselves if we will be willing to risk – our reputations – maybe even our lives to help others see the truth about what is happening around them. It won’t be long in my humble opinion that all who call themselves Christian who are true followers of Jesus will have to make this decision as to whether we will do the following – Am I going to stand for the truth – Am I going to stand up and say this is prophecy being fulfilled heed the warning while there is still time to come into the kingdom of God for the sake of others being saved and receiving Jesus as Lord and Saviour.


  11. …i got to admit, logically i agree w/ what mr.baldy has said. probably we all do. no doubt!,but…………………..the devil may be up to no good here using his genius in putting SOLANA AND THE666 AND THE ENPI, AND ALL ELSE,… together, to get her, in his snare. her being the bride. I KNOW THIS SOUNDS LUDICRIUS, and i’ll be the first to admit it, however i don’t believe we can honestly,..entirely write this possibility off—do you? tell the truth!


  12. Nope, can not happen. I am one of those foolish people who believe God is in full control. He gave us the signs to watch for. Satan has got no authority over it. We must keep in mind that this is not a good vs evil battle. It is a battle that is already won by Jesus.


  13. Brenda, i am soon going to explore that site. Lissten everyone, on tues night i saw the sky in a way that sent chills up my spine!/ it was a huge sickle,….as if the Lord was showing me that His harvesting is soon to take place! When i got home, my son, tony was surprisingly awake and i took him out on the deck to look at the night sky,.. he’s a 15 yr. old,… he said, oh my God,.. what is it?/ i rest my case. ///surely someone else saw this on 10/11/11. i phoned two friends that night, and got their answer machines as i suppose they were in bed,…my wife was sound asleep. i’m soooo glad tony was awake to see it! it was so surreal, like the twilight zone. i’m typing quick cause i’m on the run, but i have given you the short of it, as there was a bit more to what i saw…… mysterious. i don’t mean to make a big deal of it as if Gods voice was in my ear or that kind of thing. Did anyone see the sky that night at approx. 10 pm est. ? the night before it was a common but beautiful circle round the full harvest moon of october, but tues. night was spectacular-er!


  14. ๐Ÿ™‚ One can really be misunderstood on the internet. So glad you understand Brenda.

    I guess it can be a shadow for a fulfillment, but it can not be claimed as the actual fulfillment. Just like I am relatively sure that the 7 year ENP is the covenant of Dan 9:27 and that Rec 666 is pointing to the coming antichrist, and the WEU (now known as the 10) are the 10 horns, I can not proclaim that prophecy has been fulfilled. Much must still happen to prove it. So I know what I believe, but I can not lay it forth as fulfilled fact.

    Hope you understand.



  15. Tony Tarr…thanks for mentioning that fact that I had mentioned the A0D.

    I guess most have missed the point that I was attempting to make, in mentioning it.

    It really amazes me that still we have those who look for a very visible “sign”; and/or certain events to have taken place – when Christ clearly points to the A0D, which that alone, is at least something that will be visible to some, that great distress is about to happen and that His Return is near.

    I mean we have have wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes in many places, and nation rising up against nation, throughout History. But we have never had a “confirmed” Covenant with Many in which Israel is a key factor, in conjunction with these predicted events. There are NO other prerequisites.

    Folks…..we Absolutely ARE in the last days. The A0D is next. Nothing more, nothing less. Christ Himself has confirmed this in His Words by the signs.


  16. None of the things you mention are obstuctions if the theory is correct. God will fulfil His word regardless of how things look at this moment. However, that doesn’t mean that God is going to fulfil His word according to the theory. At this point in time, we can only make educated guesses, because we just don’t have enough information. It is as if we have a puzzle with half the pieces missing. We speculate on what the missing pieces may be. We may speculate correctly, or not. I will give you two reasons why in my opinion the pieces that go with the theory may not be the fulfillment of prophesy.

    1. We speculate that article 666 is the fulfillment Rev 13:18. It seems to fit the puzzle as we see it right now. Then again, the fulfillment could be something very different than an E.U. recommendation. The biblical evidence is minimal and not 100% clear. However, if an E.U. recommendation fits, many other things could too.

    2. We speculate that the ENPI is the seven year convenant. It is seven years by the way. Is it the covenant that Daniel describes? Maybe. I don’t know. We say that Daniel’s seven year covenant does not need to be a peace treaty. That’s right. But maybe it is. Maybe it’s something else we haven’t considered yet.

    I find the theory interesting. I understand the complaint that other prophesy speakers ignore it. I guess they do. We have to ask ourselves if we ignore other possible interpretations that don’t fit the theory. Are they all just wrong? Are we looking for God to fulfil His word or are we looking for the theory to come to pass. Our instincts as humans are to ignore anything that does not line up with what we believe, and embrace everything that does. The virus of pre-concieved ideas infects all of us, regardless of how we understand prophesy.

    Keep up the good work.


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