And they crucified Him

Wickus here:

 If you long to hear the truth of the cross of Christ and why Paul said that he wants to know nothing except Jesus and Him crucified, listen to this message. If you don’t mind to be rattled in the spirit, listen to this message. If you earnestly are longing for the Lord Jesus, listen to this message.

Art Katz: “And then they crucified Him”   (Click to download mp3 file)

And if you did not read the post by Adamantine a few days ago, read the following message:

A man in whom the spirit of God is

This mans preaching is stirring a hunger for the Lord in me, a hunger for His truth, a hunger to know nothing except Christ and Him crucified. I will count all as dung to know the Lord better. Life is worth nothing without Jesus.


5 thoughts on “And they crucified Him

  1. I need to hear this daily. I realized that I am to much alive. I must die. The flesh is dung. Jesus is all. He must be all when we are entering tribulation. In the flesh we are powerless.

    Lord, lead us to your cross…


  2. yes wickus. i am in tears at the thought of how unsurrendered my heart really is. romans 7:18-in my flesh dwells no good thing. also galatians 2:20 keeps coming to my mind and so does romans 12:1 & 2 and precious phil 3:10-that i may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto His death. Lord Jesus make me-make us-real who name Your name-real about laying our lives down that You may raise us up and receive Glory.


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