Internet still giving problems

Hi all

My internet is still giving problems. I use a cellular network and Blackberry Internet Service to access the internet. Sometimes I can post, mostly not. Hope this one post gets through!

Some of you have mailed me, but I can not seem to get a response through. So if you do not hear anything from me, I am not ignoring you. I really hope this gets resolved very soon.

God bless



3 thoughts on “Internet still giving problems

  1. 12 October 2011

    BlackBerry services collapse
    Millions of BlackBerry smartphone users have been cut off by a major fault at RIM, the Canadian company that makes the devices.

    The glitch, which struck at around 11AM, was affecting online services for consumers all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa. All are served by a RIM data centre in Slough.
    They have been unable to browse the web or instant messages, or access other internet services such as email.
    A RIM spokesman was not immediately available for comment. Users who are served by a corporate server appeared to be unaffected.


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