Libya’s coming Islamist Government (Dictatorship)

Libya’s coming Islamist Government (Dictatorship)

the newly installed government in Tripoli may end up fulfilling the worst fears of the West by becoming an Islamist-led government.

Comment by Adamantine:

The prophetic news sites knew and said it first months ago. The value of a scientific theory is its ability to predict results prior to testing.

This is of course not science but a conjectured theory based on a reasonable interpretation of scripture. Secular writers of the 20th century have noted that these end time theories received a boost because they for a time mirrored real world events. These apparent non believers however chalk that up to pure coincidence.

Nevertheless the coincidences keep accumulating. They are too difficult and varied to be the work of any group to bring about. Christian Zionists are not responsible for the rise of the Sanhedrin for example. The rise of the Sanhedrin was entirely overlooked in the writings of the recent centuries.


There is something very maddening about these prophesies and the desultory manner in which they are fulfilled. We would like to see straight line progression but it is any thing but that.

It has been a standard understanding of these theories that at the end there will be a southern grouping of kings who will attack Israel.

It appears as though something approximating a southern Caliphate may be emerging able to threaten such a move. Secular Europe and even the USA for a time imagined an Arab Spring giving rise to democracies.

One women was given the Nobel prize for her influence in Yemen just last week. Given that Obama also has a Nobel Prize which arrived in the mail to him before he had had any time to accomplish moving into the White House and this women has a Noble prize prior to the end of the revolution it is blatantly obvious that the Noble Committee is not satisfied to reward but now desires to influence and direct events by that weakest of methods which is the fickle applause of the world. Gender politics also played a part because they were not about to give the award to lets say two women and one man. Nope they were seeking for women. In this world the agendas of people often determine who will get the award. Only at judgment day may we expect to see women receive their true reward. The same will be true for men.



3 thoughts on “Libya’s coming Islamist Government (Dictatorship)

  1. I remember saying when the Libya thing started: They will be wishing Gaddafi was still there in a couple of years. I’m not condoning his actions towards his people but He at least told the IMF where to go, now its too late for Libya.
    The IMF have their tentacles in Libya now and of course there is a new central bank “Surprise” so welcome to western society 🙂


  2. Want to say something about Revelation 13:8 “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”
    This verse is a bit full on if people don’t think about it in context.
    The ALL that dwell upon the earth shall worship him..

    Allot of sites and people think that this is literal and I believe it is symbolic regarding materialism. I can’t see ALL ( every single person) 6 billion people all bowing down every morning to worship a man in Europe.

    But I can see people so blinded due to the System providing materialistic items to distract people.
    Like the new iPhone for example, So many people would do anything to get their hands on the next one and that is the same across different classes of people, Some people would sell their souls to get new technology first (although if they aren’t saved then Satan already has their souls so there is no point even selling it), Kids will be waiting for the next big video game, Others the next new car or upgrade of something they absolutely cherish more than they would even think of cherishing the holy spirit, some people its all about sport waiting all week for the weekend game to come along.
    Its like when Moses came down from mount Sinai and the people were worshiping the statue of Gold which is materialism and really worshiping the Beast.

    If you tell some people that without Jesus you will be condemned to eternal suffering in the lake of fire they don’t care but if someone tried to take something of theirs they would fight to the death over something they cant take with them if they did die…

    You see my point? Worshiping materialistic items is worshiping the beast so I can see in the context part of Rev 13:8 that in essence ALL on the earth could possibly worship the image.
    Getting the mark isn’t worshiping the image and so many people wont and will still get condemned.
    I spoke to a Muslim lady a couple of days ago and there is plenty of Muslims in Sydney and honestly most of them are really nice people.
    But she said she would never get technology implanted in her and that wasn’t her thinking from a Mark of the Beast point of view.
    So if your not saved then you worship the beast in effect anyway without even knowing it.

    Some might not agree but that’s what I have noticed especially over the last few years.


  3. Isn’t it amazing when those of us that are looking at the Bible can do a better job looking at events and predicting how they will turn out than the media pundits and so-called “experts”?

    I’m not saying any of us here are prophets or that we are always right – but I saw so many call this on the Arab spring. Now we see it happening before our eyes.

    If we don’t have something resembling a caliphate in the south (Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, the saudi peninsula) by 2013 I’ll eat my hat. There I said it – not a prophecy, I’ve just been watching this stuff (middle east politics) too long and it’s gotten so weird I can’t believe they wwon’t have to do something drastic. The Saudis see the growing influence of Iran as a major threat. If the Iranian alliance with Turkey, Lebanon and syria continues to grow and Iraq or Pakistan becomes part of that mix – the Saudis and the rest of the south will have to drastically tighten up their relationship in order to have any influence – hence I see the caliphate there.

    If that happens makes its very plausible that Iran/Turkey would look to their big northern neighbor for additional strategic support – the big northern neighbor that is forming up a eurasian alliance now including many heavily muslim former soviet republics – I bet they’d only be too anxious to add Turkey and Iran to that mix (and pakistan when it falls to the militant islamists). I’d be surprised if Turkey’s membership in NATO makes it past next spring.


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