Internet problems

Hi Guys and Girls

I have some internet related problems again. I am not even sure if my mail is getting out. If there is comment that await moderation, I will attend to it as soon as I can. Usually it is only for new posters or a comment with 2 or more hyperlinks.

Please bear with me until this is resolved. Hopefully tomorrow. 8)



3 thoughts on “Internet problems

  1. I can hear ya boetie! Hoping it all gets sorted soon. It looks like my posts are popping right up – and Roma’s too.


  2. I hope so too. To post is a nightmare. Apparently there is a Seacom cable problem. It looks more stable now. Will test some more.

    Roma, got a mail for a friend request form Facebook (if it is you). As soon as Facebook does not “time out”, I will except.



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