Faith off-limits in campaign


GOP rivals: Romney’s Mormon faith off-limits in campaign


Comment by Adamantine:

The same people probably did not consider religion when they chose their spouse either…NOT.

They are all hypocrites and liars.


2 thoughts on “Faith off-limits in campaign

  1. Sad that the fundamental source of a man’s values and what should be the arbiter of how he decides right and wrong is not off-limits. It’s like choosing a brick layer to build your house, but it’s not polite to ask what he’s going to use for mortar between the bricks, or even if he will use mortar at all.


  2. GOP hopefuls declined to pass judgment after Dr. Robert Jeffress called the Mormon church a “cult” and said that “Mormonism is not Christianity.”

    G-D has already passed judgment and He says the Mormon church is a cult and Mormonism is NOT christianity.

    Dr. Jeffress who was chosen to introduce Texas Gov. Rick Perry at a gathering of ‘Christian conservative’ voters in Washington presents another set of problems.

    Hang on – the road gets even more bumpy from here on.


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