How advanced is the Prophetic clock ?

Comment by Adamantine:

The following is a reminder of events which are small and below the observation level of the “woman on the street” but as prophetic markers they are huge. They have all occurred within the last 10 years.

1) Sanhedrin revived after nearly 2000 years, circa 2004

2) A red heifer identified and obtained by the Temple Mount Faithful. The first in more than 2,000 years and one of only approximately ten ever so identified in world history circa  2010

3) An altar suitable for sacrifice built from rocks collected from the bottom of the dead sea and untouched by human hands built and available for Temple mount sacrifice at a moments notice. circa 2010

4) The temple mount faithful with accoutrements and trained rabbis available to perform a sacrfice when called upon.

5) First call in nearly 2000 years for a Passover Sacrifice on the Temple Mount in 2007

6) Majority of the population in Israel desires a rebuilt Temple in summer 2010

7) When will  a sacrifice actually occur ?

A) Israel surrounded by enemy states

B) Turkey abandons Israel as a friend 2011

C) Oil discovered in Israeli territory making it energy self sufficient and a potential spoil for enemies

D) Palestinians call for a State

E) NATO willing to provide forces to secure the peace of any agreement. 2010

i) Europe coming together with Lisbon Treaty 2009

ii) Calls for a united economic front to secure the economic future of the EU 2011

iii) Greece , Italy and Spain all considered financially likely to collapse in a monetary storm

iv) Greece starts to monitor buying and selling of its people 2011

v) Italian foreign minister in discussion with Romania states the country is willing to give up sovereignty to secure the financial future.

a) rise of kings of the east with China, Japan and India. China launches first aircraft carrier

b) Kings of the north under Putin taking more aggressive stance at home and abroad.

c) Kings of the North aligning with the kings of the south as “Arab Spring” hints at a new Islamic caliphate

d)  Possible young lions of the west led by an imposter president who as an Islamic sympathizer having been reported that if he is re-elected then the Palestinians will have a state in short order.

Worldwide economic turmoil with the potential to engulf the whole world in strife


3 thoughts on “How advanced is the Prophetic clock ?

  1. has much of anything been reported on the ENP,….. the nations that are co-operating w/ their action plans and receiving funding as a reward fo doing so? Has Israel received any $ ?


  2. Well Tony let me ask someone who is well versed on all the documents of the EU, ENPI and see if they know. But I am pretty sure that they have.


  3. Thanks Roma…i’ll be watching for your comment on it. / i hope the fall season is doing its sweet wonderful thing for you n yours. Today felt like parsdise here in vermont, the whole week has been heavenly. Bless you


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