New shock from the EU> Secret voted economic dictatorship!

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About this you can read in the mainstream media and this is not the story – Wednesday 18.09. The European Union has voted a new package of economic measures known as the gentle – Six Pack. What’s behind this law is actually much deeper problem for the first time legally achieved what has long been a story in critical circles – the beginning of a centralized economic dictatorship!

The European Commission has granted the right to decide on the budgets of member states as well as all the complex issues related to the economy of a country, such as employment policy staff, layoffs, business hours, holidays, etc. and with the possibility of eliminating all workers’ benefits unless required by current state Member State. Transposed to the meaning of this sentence is most easily seen in yesterday’s statement from the CEO PBZ, Prka God, who said that we should increase the tax, retirement extended to 70 year, make the property tax as the other companies provide less taxes because businesses make the economy. Such statements are merely the fruit of today where the company is the main protagonist of state policy in close conjunction with the banks and big businesses, while a man is just a tool of those organizations to profit taking and self-preservation.

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Council confirms agreement on economic governance

The Council today confirmed its agreement1 on a compromise reached with the European
Parliament on a package of six legislative proposals on economic governance.
The so-called "six-pack" of measures is aimed at strengthening economic governance in the EU – and more specifically in the euro area – as part of the EU's response to the current
turmoil on sovereign debt markets.
The measures set out to ensure the degree of coordination necessary to avoid the
accumulation of excessive imbalances and to ensure sustainable public finances. This will
help enable the EU's monetary union to function properly in the long term.
Read the official EU document HERE

An entire system of global trade is at risk

 Sir Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, this week called the current financial crisis “the most serious… since the 1930s, if ever”, in justification for a further £75 billion of “quantitative easing”. Since Sir Mervyn cited the chaos of the inter-war years, it seems appropriate to quote Winston Churchill: “Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusions of counsel, until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong – these are the features that constitute the endless repetition of history.”

We are at just such a moment again. Little more than two years ago, global leaders were happily congratulating themselves on having avoided the mistakes of the 1930s, thereby averting a depression. But now it appears that the difficulties of 2008 were but a foretaste of what was to come. With the European banking system again on the verge of collapse, there is a sense that politicians and economists are out of options, that governments and central banks are powerless before events. The best of the cavalry has been sent into battle, and it has come back in tatters. The fiscal armoury has been exhausted, the support offered by the boom in emerging markets such as China and India over the past two years seems to be on its last legs, and there is but the small rifle fire of the central bank printing presses left to defend us.

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Comment by Jackie:

It is not by its military strength the EU will usher in the mark of the beast, but by economics.  When countries collapse, then a world government solution will have to be implemented.  My friends, whether we are ready spiritually or not, the mark of the beast is on its way.

Comment by Wickus:

First of all, thanks to Nkosazana for the first article and Jackie for confirming this with an official EU document. We have some wide awake watchmen/women pacing the wall!

Friends, this is huge. It has been said that whoever controls the economy controls the world. The stage is set for the mark and the antichrist. And this is happening while most is asleep. Did you see any reports about an EU economic takeover (governance)? Prophecy is progressing at breakneck speed. And while this is happening, the dividing of Israel and Jerusalem is also being discussed at the UN. Do we have time left for a temple to be rebuilt as we are discussing in another post? If it fits God’s plan, yes. If not, we are on the brink of  the AoD and close to the implementation of the mark of the beast.


5 thoughts on “New shock from the EU> Secret voted economic dictatorship!

  1. Where is the Euro not used?
    EU countries not using the Euro are: Denmark, Sweden, and the U.K.

    Strange that there is only three countries in the EU not using the Euro. One (U.K.) is part of the original WEU 10 and the other two were observer countries in the WEU.


  2. ”When he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” And I looked, and behold, a black horse! And its rider had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard what seemed to be a voice in the midst of the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius, and do not harm the oil and wine!” Revelatioin 6

    With a gallon of gas and a loaf of bread costing about the same this is not hard to imagine.

    I pray daily for discernment that I will not be led astray. May G-D watch over His own.


  3. IM still confused about the Temple. SO many people think it needs to be rebuilt.
    The temple mount will be given to the gentiles for 42 months to tread on.
    So if there is a temple it wont be built by the Jews.
    Also THEY ARE BUILDING A TEMPLE or have already built it at Mitzpe Yericho.
    And im sure most of you remember the news when it came out.
    I’m pretty sure Jericho inst going to be given to Palestine if the UN split Israel so that leaves the Temple at Jericho that they can “resume sacrifice in possibly”.

    I don’t think the temple will be rebuilt on the temple mount, The dome of the Rock is kind of a temple so that could also be the “Temple” that is still there in tribulation.
    Besides the AC building a temple is to blatant and im not sure if it will work out like that.
    It will cause a war straight away taking away the mount from the Muslims and giving it back to the Jews, And I Don’t see that happening honestly.


  4. Unless the war is already underway when the Jews retake the temple mount. I for one though wonder if they’ve even got the right hilltop in Jerusalem – I had read some from at least one purported archaeologist that posited that the Antonia fortress stood on what is now the temple mount, and the temple actually stood one ridge to the south a few hundred yards away.


  5. …the day of judgements coming, and you can bet that i,ve been resting for this testing!,..digesting every word the experts say!!////Lord, i’m trusting You,…without you, what would the poor boy do…….///..the operative word here= resting


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