Greece to track Citizen’s buying and selling to Solve Tax Evasion Problem

Greece To Track Citizens’ Purchases To Solve Tax Evasion Problem

Comment by Adamantine:

No word out yet about whether a tattoo version will be available instead of the card version. How long before someone  realizes that it will be more effective if people can simply have a mark on the forehead or hand.


You cannot make up the news to fit prophecy any better than it is occurring in reality presently.



8 thoughts on “Greece to track Citizen’s buying and selling to Solve Tax Evasion Problem

  1. Hmmm – Right hand or forehead.?.

    Circumstances in our world today remind me of molten lava – it moves slowly – but it does much damage as it moves.

    Perhaps soon America will face such a crisis that BHO will feel it necessary to ‘track’ citizens as well.

    America’ Last Call – David Wilkerson is spot on as it pertains to much that is going on in our topsy-tervy world today. Thanks again for that post – I read it last night.


  2. Very interesting for sure. With our cards that the grocery stores have given out for some time now here in America it has kept track of spending habits, to be reported to marketers. And who knows what the government here is really watching, much more than we think. The world continues on the prophecy fulfillment course for sure.


  3. Amen romalynnstar and to think how subtle and almost irresistible it was presented to the public right!!Now who would not smile at the advantages at the check out counter humm?

    Nope not this ye sis, no not for me thank-you….I saw that one coming a long time ago and saw right through their slinky marketing schemes 🙂 Me ain’t that stupid I tell ya !! LOL


  4. Scary thing is quite allot of people will accept the mark.
    The best way to get people to accept it is use the word SECURITY.
    Then they get people like politicians, musicians, movie stars to promote it after they get one themselves.
    Most people walk around with a chip with them anyway even multiple ones via mobile phones, credit cards and other RFID cards they may have.
    A good way to implement technology like that is during financial depressions or natural disasters or some sort of massive cosmic event.
    When disaster or war happens people will follow the government.


  5. I believe that we are already being tracked by just accessing computers and other devices. Somebody knows that we are on this site right now. How many of us participate on other social sites? How many of us have our personal info out there? Who has bought from eBay or Amazon? Is your home on a satellite map? Think about it!! I believe the mark is symbollic, and doesn’t have to be a physical mark. We already have chip cards, etc., etc., and we have all bought into it. If we wanted to remain anonymous we should have never hooked up to the internet, and never obtained cards of any sort, but then we all have social insurance cards, here in Canada, and an SSN in the US. We are all on lists.


  6. Hi Susan

    What we are seeing now is building up to the actual mark. The mark can not be symbolic as that will mean we are all doomed to hell. We all use these devices, but we can still buy and sell without it. Look out for a literal mark in the future. If you are before a choice to be cut of from the economic world were you can not even buy bread if you do not take it, RUN!! Most probably that will be the mark.



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