God wants US to lead


Romney: God wants US to lead

Comment by Adamantine:

1) Then Romney  possibly he should withdraw from the race as it used to be well understood by Christians that Mormons did not know God.

2) Given that the world may be entering a time of judgment should we wish the US to lead ?

3) Romney or Obama will probably lead the US as it seems God usually does not judge a nation while it is led by Godly leaders  and we may be in a time of judgment.

4) Nations rejoice when led by Godly leaders.


6 thoughts on “God wants US to lead

  1. You guys know me by now that I am not one to mince my words or be “oh so politically correct ” in expressing my concern but what is the difference between this man and the ” elite” of the NAR they both feel that they are called by ” god” ( small g -yes) to proclaim that the USA is the GATE of the SO CALLED REVIVAL in these times and this ” new breed” of Christian that is called to usher this in?

    These self-appointed, eeerr ( anointed apostles) who believe they’re on a mission from “God” to take over the world are the ones that keep me awake at night. Persecution from within….they will KILL you thinking they are doing God a service righttt!

    They’re all in bed together anyways…Mormon and ” so called Christian alike” ! These men scare me…seriously and not in a whoohoo kinda way either…they scare me as I witness how many here are falling for this dangerous poison 😦 come on already let’s use the gift of discernment in these very deceptive last days guys , what part of ” let no man deceive you” don’t we get!!! Humm me thinks that the NAR has gotten to Ol Sid Roth too….guys it’s time to connect the dots yerself! The fire that burns in my belly as I have remained silent on this ( yet posted at another ministry ) shows me that I was not doing what the Lord called me to do and that is expose the spiritual danger!

    Please hear my hear guys I love you all as brother’s and feel I have the right ( I would expect nothing less from those that call me sister) to please seek the Lord on Rick Joyner, Sid Roth and others that are all part of this end time strong delusion that the Lord is sending on those that LOVE NOT TRUTH- His word 🙂

    Some good info as to who all is behind this ” movement” , not a pretty picture I tell ya!



    Andrew Strom came out of this and gave warnings why he left the NAR movement.


    Now he is warning the believers about the more extreme levels of paganism that NAR is involved in:


    This is the Kundalini Awakening which gets deep into the New Age and Eastern Religion.

    This link details the comparison between the new revival and new age.


    ( From another believer that was involved with this as babe in Christ )

    Todd Bentley

    After the 2007 One New Man conference both Sid Roth and Rick Joyner promoted Todd Bentley which went deep into the Kundalini Awakening.

    We witnessed this first hand and wanted to warn the true church to flee from this paganism before it destroys your soul.

    David Wilkerson has a You Tube video (9 minutes) warning the church about weird manifestations and pleads for them to stop.

    Time to hit the knees 🙂


  2. thanks for your post His own. like i’ve told you-you say many things here that reflect what i am thinking. we cannot have a like mind with those who veer from the scripture. there is much out there in the “church ” today that is a very far cry from what the first church understood as the real mission-to know nothing among us but Christ and Him crucified. where is the dying daily to this world church? many are instead joined to this world. reminds me of hosea where God said-leave ephraim alone. he is joined to his idols. and yes Hisown you are right-we will pay a price for that stand……….


  3. Please note that I do not endorse any of the ” Prophecies, Dreams & Visions ” on the pages quoted above( or the men that have them) The copy and paste was from a babe in Christ as noted in above post .

    Just needed to clarify that only because my ministry is constantly scrutinized ….just sayin 🙂

    Boy it’s pretty sad to have to constantly ensure one is understood 🙂 just in case one gets that…”ahhaaaha we got ya!” smirk

    Sorry for the vent 🙂


  4. I love ya sis….you have no idea how much your words bring joy to my heart in a day.!

    Thank-you andre’ may the Lord show you how much that means to me.



  5. Sussie, jy slaan die spyker op die kop!

    Friends, we have to hold on to the Lord Jesus and His Word in these days. It is so easy to be deceived. In my years with the Lord I was also lured and drawn into false teachings. I guess all of us had that experience. But if your heart is set to keep to the truth and you don’t want to get your ears tickled, the Lord will show you the error in teachings. He is your Shepherd. Trust and follow Him.


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