America’s last call

 Comment by Wickus:

In 1998 David Wilkerson wrote the book “America’s last call” wherein he warned the US about a coming economical meltdown. This is not one of his “prophetic” books. He shows clearly out of the Bible the path that the US is on and what the outcome will be. It is 13 years later. Is his warning as watchman coming true? has made the book available to download for free. It can be found HERE.


2 thoughts on “America’s last call

  1. why is it i so easily find error in peoples teachings/visions/prophecies??? he says hebrews 10;34 and 11;38 are talking about same people, first are contemporaries, others are old testement. this is so easy to know, why does he not see? read chapter 10 (his book) its there.


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