Hank Williams Jr. apologizes for Hitler-Obama comparison

Country singer Hank Williams Jr. compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler in an interview on Fox News.


Hank Williams Jr. apologizes for Hitler-Obama comparison



Comment by Adamantine:

Just yesterday we discussed the fact that some see a similarity of Obama and the Antichrist or Hitler.

I came down on the side of saying Obama was not yet a Hitler figure.

However I would like to say no one should be forced to apologize for such a comparison. If this were true then no one will ever be able to say anyone is the AC even if that day should arrive.

I suggest that in what ever generation the AC arrives there will be those who will insist that Christians apologize for identifying him as such or even as a possibility.



3 thoughts on “Hank Williams Jr. apologizes for Hitler-Obama comparison

  1. This really makes me mad, he did not need to apologize, and the anti defamation league needs to remember that Hitler did a whole lot of evil to a whole lot of people, even before he started the holocaust, he was seen as a great man doing so much good in the political arena, and people worshiped him. Just like we saw with Obama during the 2008 campaign, kids singing songs to him etc etc. Japan names a mountain after him, etc etc. I will still compare him and his rise to the rise of HItler, and I will make no apology to anyone. Send the secret service to my door if you wish. Anyone who cannot see and remember history, and note comparisons is doomed to suffer the same patterns and repeat of history. How many times has Obama stated that he will get what he wants done even if he has to go around congress to get it done? this is a man who believes in our constitution and our representative republic? No, may he believes in democracy, pure democracy is mob rule. Our founders knew that and tried to protect our country from such nonsense as mob rule, which is what happened in NAZI Germany, and can easily happen here if we stand still and say nothing and let the UNION thugs take over with their style of mobs in the streets getting their way.

    And just like Hitler, many people who have spoken out against what this so called President is doing to our country have been identified, etc, etc, even an 8 year old boy who wrote something on the internet, now I have forgotten what he wrote but it does not matter.

    Our country is going down, I really have no doubt of it, because in order for the system and spirit of antichrist to continue to rise, it has to. I believe what the word of God says about this, but that does not mean that we have to stand like frozen puppets, and because of rear no speak the truth. And if any think this is not done with love, well then you better start remembering God is love, but HE always says it like it is. There are evil ones in this world, but we want to pretend this is not true. God never pretended.

    Ok, done with my rant, and I am sure I am already identified and on someone’s list of dissenters.

    Praise God, keep me strong enough to continue to follow you alone, and be on the world’s list. I wear that badge with honor towards Jesus.


  2. I thank God for all of those people who resisted Hitler’s rise to power and died for it. Not all of the German people wanted him there. The country took the brunt of the blame, but let me tell you many world leaders helped him rise to power, that is for sure. Many Christian martyrs during that time as well. Hitler was not THE Antichrist, but he certainly operated in the spirit of the Antichrist that is for sure. Just as we see so many world leaders today doing the same thing.


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