Chris Christie 2012? The new World Order strikes|main5|dl1|sec3_lnk1|100879

Christie said in January he wasn’t “arrogant enough” to run for president in 2012. Now he is reconsidering in light of encouragement from GOP luminaries like Henry Kissinger, Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush.

Comment by Adamantine:

First  I find it incorrect that Henry Kissinger , Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush think themselves important.

1) None are elected officials

2) None were ever elected officials

3) They are all Octogenarians

4) They represent the George Bush who first used the term of the new world order. Henry Kissinger represents all large number of organizations to which he and Solana rule. It would be difficult to prove but the trail exists.

I also find it wrong that Kissinger , Albright and Brzezinski all are Europeans who after having served high in US government now align themselves to unite Europe and the US in entangling alliances.

The people these three represent are terrified a “non player” with the new world order might gt elected. Chris Christie must be one of their protege. As Rick Perry stumbles they are quick to seek another.


6 thoughts on “Chris Christie 2012? The new World Order strikes

  1. Brzezinski

    Yep interesting guy this one, helped Carter a lot didn’t he, LOL? that was meant to be sarcastic and has ties to Obama, from what I read.

    Kissnger everyone knows he is arrogant and thinks he is great and a new world order guy for sure.

    Now the other two may be purely political I do not know.but after they left office, and I found out Nancy was consulting an astrologer, or maybe I knew before, I sure lost respect for her, and then when I found out Barbara was pro-choice, or is that pro-murder of the innocents, although she kept her mouth shut during the time in office, I have no respect for her either.

    I guess you could say that the opinions of any of these surely seem right maybe for the times we are in. But I dont’ give a hoot for any one of them. Thanks for letting us know, cause I sure do not want to back anyone these guys recommend.


  2. Nancy was consulting astrologers while the Gipper was in office. He knew it, and he listened to her advice. Don’t know if he ever made decisions based on it. Sure would hate to know that to be true. I really liked the man. He had a personality of gold, and I truly believe he tried his very best to do what was right for America and her allies. As for Carter, Brzezinski, Kissinger, et al, they are among those who most cherish a NWO. I can’t readily believe that Chris Christie would have anything to do with any NWO scheme. He may certainly be unwittingly part of a long term plan. These guys that are now encouraging him play chess, not checkers. Not sure how he would fit in to any such a plan of theirs, but they play their version of “chess” like Fischer and Kasparov played theirs, 10 moves deep. Too many variables to easily keep up.


  3. I didn’t know about Barbara Bush being pro choice after her husband left office but I did read where Laura Bush said that she was pro choice after GW Bush left office. Either way same family and GHW Bush definately is new world order. I have read and heard it said that Hilary Clinton was ahead in the polls until the meeting in Chantilly, VA. After she and Barack Obama attended that meeting suddenly the polls changed and she was behind with Barack Obama being the leader from that point and, of course, carrying the election. Interesting to see who will end up being the candidates or if we even get an election. Anything can and could happen at this point even in this country.


  4. Comment by Adamantine:
    I am unsure if Chris Christi is NWO bit it is apparent to me the NWO people do not want
    Bachman. Ron Paul or Cain.
    I think they are OK with Romney, and Perry, Santorum and Hunter. Pawlenty almost certainly withdrew in order to accept a position in the government of whoever gets the election.
    all one needs to do is watch who the general media ignores or trashes. Cain may be a wild card in that he served on the Federal Reserve once.( or so I am told) I think if Ron Paul made it he might be assassinated.


  5. Thanks Ron, I did know she did this while in the white house, but while they were there I did not know it. and yes Linda, you are correct about Laura, whom I did like a lot, but something is off in the head and her Christian walk if she is prochoice, stupid world.


  6. People have been aware for a long time that the world system that we live in hasn’t been right. Famines, wars, injustices and evils in all their shapes and forms have been around since the year dot. If these things define the Old World Order then I would agree that it hasn’t worked and that change is needed.


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