Almunia: “Europe can not waste time”

Almunia says he respects but that the EC Fitch makes its own forecasts

Almunia: “Europe can not waste time”

“Europe can not lose more time, as problems are mounting on the table, and postponing decisions raises the cost for everyone.” The EU executive vice president added that “the euro zone leaders have to take urgent decisions, thinking not only in Greece but in their own interest;

The UFM will have a group of “high level” responsible for considering the future of the Euro-Mediterranean region (M. Amrani)

This group will be integrated with “men and women known for their political trajectory in the two Mediterranean shores” as MM. André Azoulay, President of the Anna Lindh Foundation and Advisor to HM the King, Felipe Gonzalez, former Spanish Prime Minister, Amr Moussa, former Secretary General of the Arab League, Javier Solana, former High Representative for foreign policy of the Union (EU), and Benita Ferrero-Walden, a former European commissioner, said Amrani.

Comment by Adamantine:

Javier is at the center of the discussion of the EU economic crisis and he has a visit by a vice president of the EU commission. He is also on some sort of council called the UFM. Even if we are not in the end times I would like to point out that this UFM appears to be another organization of past leaders that seems to be coming together (many at the instigation of JS I might add) that is trying to rule the world. They do not wish to retire.

T paraphrase General MacArthur “Old soldiers do not die they simply refuse to fade away”


6 thoughts on “Almunia: “Europe can not waste time”

  1. Stressing the importance of the changes underway in the Arab world, Mr. Amrani has once again reaffirmed the determination of the UFM to accompany the transition to democracy in these countries to promote the development of a wide area Free trade, growth and stability.

    The Euro-Mediterranean region is now one of the priorities of the international agenda, said Mr. Amrani, emphasizing the central role now UfM in international meetings and forums dedicated to development issues the region and support to be provided by the international community to support democratic transitions in countries of the region.

    The General Secretary of the UFM also described as “important” talks with the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the lower house of the Spanish Parliament, adding that the discussions focused on the challenges facing this organization in the context of ongoing changes in the Southern Mediterranean and the economic crisis in Europe.

    Amrani, in this sense, emphasized the need to provide new opportunities for developing countries of the Mediterranean to help them make a successful transition to democracy, focusing on the appropriate role in this regard to EU through the consolidation of its investment flows.

    The General Secretary of the UFM also urged the EU to help develop the economies of the Southern Mediterranean by increased investments for the establishment of a free trade area and growth.


  2. The Union for the Mediterranean is very symbolic in terms of peace in the region. This is the only place where Arabs, Turks, North Africans, Europeans and Israelis are sitting around a table and address issues related to peace, security and economy.


  3. Thanks justasheep, how anyone can think these muslim countries could ever be true democracies in the sense of freedom and fairness is beyond me. With their religious views it would never ever work.


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