Son of Whom?

Comment by Wickus:



5 thoughts on “Son of Whom?

  1. I hate to sound cynical, but not once did he mention the type of sin that he was dealing with, and what he had been forgiven for. (of course we know about the brunette murders)

    I’m sorry, but. I don’t buy it.


  2. I heard his story on Focus on the Family on radio, and I truly believe he is saved. It was very moving. Who are we to judge! All sin is equal in God’s eyes, and all sin is forgiven if we repent, not matter how bad it is. We humans are the ones who have a system of placing sins on a scale from most bad to less bad.


  3. Susan,

    With all due respect, you are the one who appears to be “placing sins on a scale from most bad to less bad”. No one ever mentioned the severity of one sin to the next. But you would certainly be naive, if you think in your own thoughts that some sins are not more egregious than others.

    Those who have not personally, and/or professionally, dealt with people who have twisted and demented minds, cannot possibly understand the cleverness, and the apparent demonic spirit possession, of those who have raped, robbed, psychologically controlled, and murdered the lives of others.

    What a person speaks from his mouth is where his heart is.

    This person is certainly the “Son” of a something ……. and I bet it ain’t “Whom”.


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