Military Lets Chaplains Perform Gay Marriages

Military Lets Chaplains Perform Gay Marriages

Comment by Adamantine:

I suggest that approval/acceptance of homosexuality by society is a greater problem than the actual practice of it. Next I suggest the approval of homosexuality by approval of it in a marriage is an even greater problem than the acceptance of the practice.

I suggest this is true both as a practical societal sociological problem as well as a religious issue before God.


3 thoughts on “Military Lets Chaplains Perform Gay Marriages

  1. My husband did read somewhere that the chaplains will not be forced to do this if they have conscientious objections, but we know how that one goes. Anyway, to me the whole world is ready for judgment, cannot think of any place that is not. Jesus is coming soon, and the wrath of God and judgment then will be finished.


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