Brzezinski Warns Mideast Peace Impasse Threatens Israel, U.S.


Zbigniew Brzezinski

Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) — Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski said today the deadlock in the Middle East peace process is undermining U.S. influence and may pose an existential threat to America’s key ally Israel.

“We are in the process of being pushed out” of the role as power broker in the region, he said, and “eventually Israel is going to be fatally threatened” if peace is not achieved.

Comment by Adamantine:

Once again we need say nothing as the top leaders of the world are saying for us all we might expect to see at the end of days denouement.

We have now  been told that both Israel and the EU face existential threats.

If we are on the correct prophetic trail then it is likely we know more tan world leaders as to where this is going.

The church at large literally hates for us to say that we might also even have an inkling as to the time frame of these events.



4 thoughts on “Brzezinski Warns Mideast Peace Impasse Threatens Israel, U.S.

  1. Just read about this man in a book about Obama, and how he mentored him at Colombia or somewhere? will have to find that again, but not sure you can trust this guy from what I read about him. But will post that here when I find it again.


  2. This book was written in September 2008. All of us know that Obama rose to power so quickly and through questionable circumstances, and was the darling of the media for some reason, still is. I mean the liberal ones. This is not all that this man has written about him in his book, just a bit of it. I bought it on Kindle, but I think it might be on the web somewhere for free.

    See, I agree I think that Obama is the Manchurian candidate and now Manchurian president myself.

    Barack H Obama: The Unauthorized Biography, Webster Griffin Tarpley
    September 2008 Kindle version

    Obama is connected to Wall Street by a million adamantine threads, Obama’s main controller, guru, adviser, and handler is none other than Abigniew Brzesinksi, the man who ran the catastrophic Trilateral administration of Jimmy Carter thirty years ago. Such is the reality of Obama as he emerges from these pages.

    The principal thesis argued here, based on very strong circumstantial evidence, is that Obama is seeking to conceal the central event of his entire personal story: his recruitment by Abigniew Brzezinksi as a long term controlled political asset and sponsored career of the Rockefeller controlled Trilateral Commission.

    Obama and Brzezinski at Columbia 1981-1983

    Brzezinski during these years was fresh from having directed the National Security Council during Jimmy Carter’s sole term in office. As we have seen elsewhere in this book, it was in precisely this period of the early 1980s that Brzezinski, Samuel Huntington, and other long term Trilateral planners were reflecting on the results of the Carter regime, while looking forward to wrecking and frustrating a general political upsurge in the United States (known to Huntington’s parlance as a creedal passion period) which they could already see on the horizon, and which they located at that time in the years between 2010 and 2030. It is safe to assume that Brzezinski and Huntington were also concerned with recruiting young political talen which they could develop, groom, indoctrinate and brainwash for various purposes, including that of political candidate, over the coming decades.


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