The Measure of the Man

New Positions after retirement from EU
1) President for center for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre) Geneva Switzerland. 2010
2) Chairman of the Commission for the Future of Spanish Security. 2010
3) President of the Aspen Institute, Madrid Spain 2010
4) President of the Uria Foundation 2010
5) President of the Barcelona Center of International Affairs 2010
6) President of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics 2010
7) Acciona Corporation Adviser for International Affairs 2010
8. ) Council Member of the Global Health Institute 2010
9) Distinguished Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brooking Institute 2010
10) Senior Visiting Professor of Economics London School of Economics 2010
11) Member of the Spanish Group of the Trilateral Commission 2010
12) Board member of the Le Craixa Foundation 2010
13) Member of the EU Future of Europe Panel 2010
14) Member of the Senior Panel on the future of NATO 2010
15) Council of Europe European Eminent Persons Council to report of religious and ethnic tolerance in Europe 2010
16) Bilderberger Club 2010
17) Vice President of the Global Commission on Drug Policy 2010
18) Patron member of the Royal Board of the Museo National del Prado 2010
19) Professor of Economics Georgetown University 2010
20) Founding Signatory Global One for Global Nuclear Disarmament 2008
21) Founding Signatory Global call to end to Female Genital mutilation (circumcision) November 16, 2010
22)  Joined call for Global TUNA Safe Fishing 2010
23)  Joined as Board member of the Yalta European Strategy September 2, 2010
24)  President of Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation  2010
25)  Member Club of Rome, attended meetings
26) Member of the International Crisis Group
27) Member International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
28) Co president of the SDA ( Security and Defense Agenda)
29) Board Member of the European Council on Foreign Relations
30) Board Member of Human Rights Watch
31) Member Global Leadership Foundation
Awards for  2010,2011
1) Manuel Broseta Coexistence Prize 2010
2) Charles the V Award European Academy of Yuste 2010
3) Pilates Foundation Award in Politics 2010
4) Order of the Golden Fleece Spain 2010
5) Order of the Golden Fleece Georgia 2010
6) International Press Club Award, Building a Better Europe 2010
7) Evald Von Kleist European Security Award Munich Security Conference 2010
8.) Prince Henry the Navigator Award Portugal 2010
9) Grand Cross of the Order of Christ Portugal 2010
10)  European Security and Defense College honorary fellowships to Javier Solana and to Karl von Wogau, 7 September 2010
11) Jean Monnet Award October 7, 2011
12) Honorary Doctorate University of London
13) Honorary Doctorate Central European University
Presentations in 2010:
1) ” Think Globally and Act Globally” Title Executive Global Masters Course May 2010
2) “ Global Out look on New Challenges” Title Esade Annual Alumni Conference April 2010
3) ” The EU as a Global Actor” Title Wroclau Global Forum October 2010
4) ” New Global Order and Its Key Players” Title Yalta 7th Annual Meeting October 2010
5) ” Global Business Challenges” Title Gresol Foundation September 2010
6) ” Spanish Security Strategy,(ESS), Economics, Energy, Industrial and Cybersecurity,” Title, Elcano Royal institute June 28, 2010
7) Introduction of  Michail Gorbachev at 6th International Conference of the Sustainable City October 5,6,7, 2010
8.) “Security and World Politics” ,Barcelona Center for international Affairs July 10,2010
In closing the seminar, ( the speaker in question ) made a public acknowledgment to the work done in recent years by the Spanish army that has adapted quickly and effectively to new international duties. He noted that in today’s world is a need for rapid deployment capabilities and, in this sense, Spain can make to the international community the value added by the Civil Guard, a militarized police force with similarities to the Italian Carabinieri and French Gendarmerie. It was stressed that nothing is gained by killing without being able to do otherwise. But, yes, not everything is soft, there must be something hard.
Conferences and Consultations in 2010:
1) Attended ASEAN (ARF) Asian regional Forum 2010
2) Attended Global Leadership Forum Nov, 5,6,7,  2010 Amman, Jordan
3) Attended United Nations Secretary General retreat Alpbatch September 5,6, 2010
Future of UN and Global Governance
4) Attended US State Department Conference Discussion on Middle East Peace Negations Upcoming August 2010, New York State
5) Member and Conferee of Socialist Parties of Europe Meeting on the Future of Peace in the Middle East . London , England November 2010
6) Conferee and Attendance at 9th Annual Conference of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) October 2010
7 Attendance and Award ceremony of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Council October 7,2010
8.) Attendee and Award recipient at the Munich Conference on Security Policy Feb 5, 2010
9) Visited Ukraine traveling with Strobe Talbot at the invitation of the Victor Pinchuk Organization March 30, 2010
11) Traveled with Spanish Presidency of the EU  and Spanish Foreign Minister Moratinos to Middle East in discussion of Middle East Process 2010
Autobiographical Book Published in September 2010 in addition to a political commentary book entitled
Humanity Threatened “
Authors Daniel Innerarity and Javier Solana

A Security Strategy for the 21st Century 2010-06-15

The Cracks in the G-20 2010-09-08

A Window of Opportunity for European Defense 2010-12-13

Peace Now for Palestine 2011-03-14

The Mediterranean Reborn 2011-05-17

Reset Turkey/EU Relations 2011-06-13

The New Grammar of Power  2011-08-o1

Ten Reasons for a European ‘Yes’

Comment by Adamantine:

I hate being wrong. I dislike going out on a limb. I prefer reason to faith but understand that faith has its central role.

I am a student of many of the failed movement and times when people thought Christ was coming back again. We look back on those groups with a sense of pity.  But could we be wrong also? Yes, of course. We all acknowledge this.

And yet it is reason that causes us to watch these world events. For some who may have joined this site recently and be unaware of the concern of Herb Peters that we might have witnessed the seven year treaty spoken of in Daniel 9:27 I recommend reading the references on this site and on Fulfilled Prophecy to get up to speed.

I have again posted this list to bring up to date the awards JS has received. I know of no other man so decorated in our day except the winning leaders of World War II.

JS has been awarded for helping to bring Europe together. He is a great man by all worldly  standards.

Considering these comments made in 1999 by the Secretary of defense of the US and you may see why we favor this European over any other on the world scene today. Add to this the probable prophetic completions which this man may have participated in such as leading a ten nation military group and strengthening a seven year treaty between the EU and 800 million others including Israel and you should understand out interest. 

Despite all of this I am thankful that theory ends in December 2013 if sacrifice is not stopped with JS somehow involved.

The Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Award is the highest civilian award given by the United States Department of Defense. This award and accompanying Distinguished Civilian Service Medal is the Department’s highest award given to career DoD civilian employees whose careers reflect exceptional devotion to duty and whose contributions to the efficiency, economy, or other improvements in DoD operations are of a significantly broad scopelet me express to all of you my thanks for being here to pay tribute to a special man.

Somerset Maugham once said that “the secret of Spain’s greatness lay not in its culture but in the leaders that it produces. The preeminence in Spain,” he wrote, “is in its preeminence of character.” He said, “In Spain it’s the men that are the poems, the pictures, the buildings and the philosophies. The Spanish excel in what is greater than art in man.”

So today we’re taking just a few moments to express our gratitude and appreciation to one of the great men, indeed one of the great leaders that Spain has produced. He’s a leader whose career reflects excellence not only in that rarified world of theoretical physics but in the rough hewn world of politics….. He faced the immediate task of coordinating what was then the largest military deployment ever undertaken by NATO, a multinational force of 60,000 soldiers preparing to enter Bosnia. General Clark is here to bear witness to the leadership that Javier exhibited at that time  He faced the unexpected opportunity of re-integrating France into NATO’s active military operations after an absence of nearly three decades.

He faced the historic challenges of expanding the membership of NATO, of reaching out to embrace old foes as allies and redefining NATO’s mission to prepare for a new century.

And more than any other individual in our alliance, the man that we honor today helped to accomplish all of those goals and more…. So while we honor him for bringing the reborn nations of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland into NATO, we also thank him for his vision and vigilance that he brought to the growing partnership with nations beyond NATO such as Russia and Ukraine and more.

The poet Matthew Arnold once observed that “for the creation of a masterpiece two powers must concur. The power of the moment and the power of the man.“…But Javier, in the eye of this unexpected storm, maintained his focus and he used his talents to create a diplomacy, a masterpiece of diplomacy that will be studied for years to come…. Indeed, we are fortunate that the power of this man was more than equal to the power of the moment….. “Mr. Solana oversaw the development of NATO’s relations with Russia and the Ukraine; the strengthening of NATO’s Partnership for Peace; and the building of a foundation for European security and defense identity strongly linked to the alliance……..

NATO Secretary General Javier Solana (right) is escorted by Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen (left) as he inspects the joint services honor guard at the Pentagon on Sept. 23, 1999. Cohen is honoring the outgoing Solana for his leadership of NATO over the past four years.


6 thoughts on “The Measure of the Man

  1. all that ought to swell the heart (and head) of a man-who is not humbled to know God-very very much-an ego of the size that hell would be interested in commandeering… wonder he speaks such great swelling words about the europe he has been devoting his life to building..building a “kingdom” to suit himself. go figure…why did they give this medal to a man not american? his public service to our country? just shows me how global the clinton administration and leaders of our armed forces were already becoming….decades of global thinking preceded them with american sovereignty on it’s way out. javier solana was rewarded well back then (and that continues). i see lots of “you scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours”-these people in much of the world leadership are all about accruing power and solana absolutely heads that list in my mind. it is soon time for the Lord to come back to rule-with the devastating horrible mess (as if it’s not deplorable already) they are all about to make………


  2. Thanks. I am more wondering if this list is complete or if these are his “retirement” positions. Knowing Solana, he probably will have 666 positions and awards and medals all together before he is revealed. 😉


  3. This is just his retirement positions. I don’t know if Adamantine maybe have a list of all his pre-retirement positions, presentations and accolades. A list like that may be very long…


  4. Dear Brother Wickus,

    Now your cheating! … You are able to choose your own special posting avatar. On top of that, you chose a man blowing a yemente shofar! … I’m envious.
    May you have a blessed Rosh Hashanah over there on the Dark Continent.

    I’m sure you are shining brightly in the midst of those you come into contact with daily.
    No time to be putting a bushel basket over the candle!
    Set that lighthouse up on the hill and crank up the power!

    Hey, I would also like a PDF copy of his achievements that TestofTime requested.

    I think the continents/countries are probably about due for a name change. Its hard for me to comprehend Africa being any darker than the US/ Babylon is currently.

    Blessings in Christ,



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