As South Africa has done unto Israel…

Comment by Wickus:

It is official. My country is in bed with the devil.

Eight UN Security Council members support statehood bid

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki told the Voice of Palestine radio station on Thursday that eight members of the Security Council have pledged to support the Palestinian statehood application, and that great efforts are being made to secure a decisive ninth supporter.

Security Council decisions require the support of nine of the 15 members, and no vetoes from the five permanent members, in order to pass.

Al-Maliki said the Palestinians have two options for the ninth vote: Colombia and Bosnia.

The Palestinians are focusing their efforts on gaining the support of Bosnia.

Al-Maliki said that Russian, China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Lebanon, Nigeria and Gabon will support the statehood bid.

Lebanon’s UN representative Nawaf Salam, the current president of the Security Council, said that the UN committee which will review and assess the Palestinian statehood bid will meet for the first time at 10 a.m. New York time on Friday.



4 thoughts on “As South Africa has done unto Israel…

  1. Our country probably is too Wickus. It is just not being said publically. We, the US, will probably veteo but only for show. Then the fighting will start and the downhill slide begins. Buckle your seat belts and brace yourselves brothers and sisters this is going to be a rough ride. Everything is coming together as God said it would in His Word. We are at the brink of this thing and we are going to have to be strong. Don’t take anything at face value but be very discerning (one of the gifts of the Spirit). If you didn’t believe in the gifts of the Holy Ghost before this place in time you will by the time you are finally taken from here by our groom. We are going to need to be listening and OBEYING everything He tells us or we will not make it through this. Up till now, the US Christians have had it pretty easy. This is all about to change. Let’s hold each others arms up in prayer and deed just as Aaron did Moses. Be blessed, be strong in the power of His might, and be encouraged in the Lord! He is able to deliver us from the coming tribulation if we will just rest and rely in and on Him.


  2. Here is Bro Brian’s comment on this article:

    If the Palestinians can get nine out of 15 votes on the UNSC as early as Friday, this thing could move very fast. If I remember correctly, there was an elderly statesman who helped shape Bosnia, the country that holds the final and ninth vote. He was instrumental in the Bosnian war as NATO Secretary, and then as EU Foreign Minister he brought the EU’s military and diplomatic machine into the Balkans. Will this same man try to convince Bosnia to vote yes for a Palestinian state? Will he supersede the current EU Foreign Minister Ashton’s drive to stop the Palestinian train? I don’t know, but the man knows, Javier Solana.


  3. brenda your comment puts me at ease! trusting our GOOD GOD as things proceed, suredly…yes it is all happening,..THANKS!, tony.///and Wickis, your comment seems dead on to me too, THANKS, tony,….PRAISE GOD!!! also on a more current post, ADAMantine said, something about us having still time left in the enp for it all to happen like we thought, and like Herb thought….I say PRAISE GOD AGAIN and THANKS! this is so deeply desired by us in our souls as we inwardly groan, for the redemption of our bodies as also the whole earth groans in birth pangs for even creations REDEMPTION!!! come quickly LORD JESUS! Stay well in Christ everyone,…keep watching and hoping[ thats hope-ing] not necessarily hop’n all around like a kangaroooo or anything of that nature. i did’nt want to cornfuse the point of the prophetic unfoldment at hand here, ya hear!, i mean hey, if you want to hop why then hop all over heck, its ok with me and wickis and adamantine. its all good!, love to all, tony


  4. The whole world will turn on Israel, it has been prophesied and we have those prophecies written of old, the true prophets of God that we do not need to question or even think about.

    Praise God, we who believe have eternal life in Jesus Christ, no matter what comes.


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