This is a close call!

Comment by Wickus:

I have heard stories about a 40 meter asteroid that is going to pass earth at a very close range, about 1.33 million miles. Now in astronomical terms, this is close. The following picture gives you an idea on how close it is to us currently:

On the right you can see two green dots. One is marked 2011, the asteroid and the next one is earth. Date is Sep 28.

This one is for the 30th:

It looks like the two dots will collide. This is what I call a very close call!

We know in the future the earth will be hit by asteroids, and with a specific one called Wormwood. I see the current even as a great warning from God on how finite we are. And I see it as a sign in the sky that Jesus told us to watch. Two days ago Comet Elenen crossed our orbit, and now we have an asteroid that is almost shaving the tops from our trees. All this is happening while the UNSC is discussing the dividing of Israel while Israel has just entered Yom Kippur. Mmmm, is the Lord maybe trying to get our attention? 8)

You can check it out on this link:


One thought on “This is a close call!

  1. Now don’t ye go forgetting Sukkot there boet! 🙂 So that would be three days aftter Yom Kippur right 🙂

    Me no sayin nuthin!


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