Place Your Bets

Jose Manuel Barroso

The European Union in Crisis; Will It Survive?

Until recently, the idea that the 27-nation European Union might disintegrate would have been unthinkable, for uniting a continent ripped apart by two World Wars was considered a rousing diplomatic success.

The Polish finance minister, Jacek Rostowski, has raised the prospect that the EU might split apart. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said if its common currency, the euro, failed, so too would Europe itself. And experts say the euro’s stability is by no means assured: George Osborne, the British chancellor, has said that only a few weeks remain to save it.

On Wednesday, Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, described the state of the union in unusually stark terms. The EU, he said, was facing the biggest challenge since its creation.

“We’re in a crucial moment in history,” he said. “If we do not move forward with more unification, we will suffer

Comment by Adamantine:

Too bad there is little we can do to bet on this issue. Someday others may have to bet their lives one way or the other.


3 thoughts on “Place Your Bets

  1. I’d bet everything I own on this earth that Europe will not be allowed to fall apart. It will be rescued by an apparent “miracle” wrought by human hands and devised in a human mind (likely with demonic influence).

    Me bet everything I own on this earth is pretty trivial though since it will all pass away and isn’t worth squat in the long run.


  2. I will second your bet Justasheep. Just to keep the focus:

    We have a 7 year confirmed treaty.
    We have a man that can be linked to many prophecies in the Bible that is behind this treaty, including being the head of the 10 nation WEU.
    We have this same man currently hiding in the shadows as a retiree until he gets power to continue for 42 months.
    The world is on the brink of a total financial meltdown.
    We have a current crisis in the EU that can lead to this man resuming his old duties to save the EU.
    We have this same man who is clearly behind the current Palestine state movement.
    We have the PA pushing for their state at the USSC as we speak by the recommendation of this man.
    We have Israel’s neighbors getting more hostile towards her and we see the coalition of nations described in prophecy lining up.

    Never has there been a time when prophecy could be read out of the newspaper. Never has there been a time when so many prophecies seems to be getting fulfilled in sequence. I am getting more and more excited daily.



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