U.N. Security Council to debate Palestinian state today.

CNN Reports:

United Nations (CNN) — The historic Palestinian bid for statehood goes before the United Nations Security Council Monday, where it looks set for a largely symbolic debate in the face of a promised American veto.

Lebanon’s Nawaf Salam, the Security Council president for this month, said he circulated the letter of application to all 15 members of the Security Council last week.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas made the bid for the United Nations to recognize an independent state of Palestine on Friday, a move Israel says is premature without direct talks that address its longstanding security concerns.

The formal application drew applause in the assembly when the Palestinian leader raised the document at the podium during his speech at the 66th annual session of the General Assembly.

Comment by Wickus:

I guess there is not much to comment on. If it is successful, the world has officially turned against God (again). If it is unsuccessful, we know that in the near future Israel will be divided to create a Palestinian state. And we also know that the AoD will happen during or soon after that event.

The clock is ticking…


6 thoughts on “U.N. Security Council to debate Palestinian state today.

  1. Brotther Wickus,

    Let me throw a little salt in the wound of your comments by stating that perhaps one shouldn’t give such a “politically correct” statement such as you have made on the topic of this discussion.

    With that being said, we KNOW that without a doubt that someday the land of Israel will be divided – and that, prior to the Return of Christ……..

    Now the question becomes – in light of all of the information and “road signs” that are ever before us is: ” Is this the Time, and have we now arrived at the pivotal moment in which prophecy will be fulfilled?”

    Some want to remain “politically correct” in that they give open ended statements that are neither right or wrong – but yet provide absolutely no answer to the question at hand. Then one would question, who does have the correct answer(s)? Or who could give the correct answers without putting themselves out there; thus appearing like a fool?

    Let me put some additional thoughts and/or facts before this forum to consider…..

    First of all we know that it was Javier Solana who “brain stormed” this idea that the Palestinians should go forth with this request to begin with. Second of all, we must consider that “wow, they actually went forth with this idea”! Then, we must consider that why are they even entertaining this idea, if there is a threat of an American Veto – meaning that it could possibly be fruitless. And finally we must consider that even though they ‘KNEW’ before hand that the whole point would become pointless with an American veto – then what could they possibly gain by going through, by rolling the dice with the entire idea in the first place?

    Men and Women of God…… I submit to you that at this point that there is something very Spiritual going on with this whole idea. It makes absolutely no sense to the natural understanding.

    In closing, I say that something will come out of this event…… I am taking a stand on this, and I don’t care if I prove to be wrong. There are way too many things to just ignore the entire timing of this entire situation, and “a man” to have suggested this idea, and it now to become to the forefront of the mainstream media.

    If i prove to be wrong, then please pray for me, and those who are truly watching.


  2. Don’t have more than a sec to write, but needed to express that I too am willing to look like a fool by saying that we have just turned the corner and don’t care what criticism it may invoke.
    This spiritual battle is intense and it’s time for me to pick up ’em five stones again. The battle has only begun!
    Hiding in my prayer closet with ya!


  3. I am simply amazed that I didn’t notice this prior to now – Lebanon holds the UNSC presidency for this month. That is a huge detail when we consider the speed with which the Palestinian application is considered.

    Had it been any non-islamic/non-middle eastern nation I might have thought that the application could sit and not be considered for a while. With a Lebanese chair – who has a ton of procedural influence over the calendar of debates and what comes up for a vote (I know this from many years learning UN procedure for model UN conferences that I participated in, and acted as secretary general and final say on parliamentary procedure in one instance)

    I think it’s about a 99.5% certainty that the US will veto whatever membership resolution reaches the floor of the security council. That .5% is just because we’ve all seen shocking things before as it relates to events surrounding Israel and the world’s attitude toward God. Some would say that the veto kills this issue – I strongly disagree. It kills the issue of full UN membership for the PA but it will be a huge source of rage for the Palestinians, and the rest of the Islamic world who are just looking for an excuse to have rage about something.

    The day this comes up for a vote- I’d stick close to whatever source you follow for news, because I’m willing to guarantee it will be a monumental news day. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see massive riots in the islamic world to dwarf all that we’ve seen so far in the “Arab Spring” and would not be surprised to see significant troop mobilizations all over the region very quickly. Will an attack on Israel be immediate? I don’t know, I kind of don’t think so, but all the chess pieces will be moved quickly in to place for when that inevitably occurs.


  4. Hello again Brother Salty…err Baldy 🙂

    May I say that you were the second one that salted the wound today. The first were on a email discussion, not aimed directly at me by the writer:

    “Too many are afraid of their reputation being harmed and say nothing at all, some do not guard their reputation enough, there is a fine line that requires a bit of courage.”

    And you:

    “Let me throw a little salt in the wound of your comments by stating that perhaps one shouldn’t give such a “politically correct” statement such as you have made on the topic of this discussion.
    With that being said, we KNOW that without a doubt that someday the land of Israel will be divided – and that, prior to the Return of Christ……..”

    Now I appreciate both comments. They were both made on different subjects and they both hit a nerve, a good nerve.

    There is actually lots to comment about. As we know this is Solana’s “child” being born in that UN room. And as Justasheep mentioned Lebanon holds the presidency of the UNSC. Those facts alone does not spell out anything good.

    This is clearly the beginning of the dividing of Israel. I agree that something will come from it, and not something good. I will be surprised if Israel/Jerusalem is not divided by year end. So lets be fools of the Word together.



  5. i’m sticking my neck out there too because the comments make sense to me–the events of late are pivotal. things are now reaching critical mass in favor of all the nations turning against israel whether a u.s. veto or not. the right “crisis” is mounting to push this to the point of no return in the middle east and it’s prophesied wars. and as pointed out (thanks-i missed that detail)-it’s no accident that lebanon is seated in it’s current chair with the un’s security counsel presidency as this issue stands before that body. at times all this prophecy fulfillment has bumped along leaving us scratching our heads in it’s details and timing but there is no mistake we make to know that we are absolutely watching the world grapple with that tremendous “cup of trembling” and what must happen thereafter. to me it’s like the world is caught in a whirlwind. the rumors of war are moving quickly toward becoming the actual wars the prophecies are so matter of fact about. and the “man of the hour” who will get the devil’s nod is waiting in the wings………….he has been so busy….surely all that “work” and waiting will bring him out onto the world stage soon.


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