The market crash of 2011

Comment by Wickus:

We are at the brink of what some believes to be a worldwide economic crash. Many reports says that we are going to head into a recession much worse than 2008. Some like Muriel Roubini and George Sorros says that we are already in one. I have done a check on the losses for the world markets for the year to date. If we are on the brink of a collapse, the following data does not look to good.

Year to date losses

  • British FTSE   -14.12%
  • French CAC   -26.14%
  • German DAX   -24.84%
  • Hangseng   -25.18%
  • Nikkei   -17.98%
  • ASX   -18.76%
  • DOW   -6.96%
  • NASDAQ   -6.39%
  • SP 500   -9.64%
With the big crash still future, this losses does not look good. I’ve read a article on CNN a few days ago were the writer suggest that the world is waiting for a superman to safe them from this mess. They might get their superman soon.
Update: Thanks Romalynn. Bjorn did talk about it. Read his post HERE.

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