What JS thinks.

Some Tweets by the good doctor over the past 24 ours. It can be clearly seen what his thoughts on Israel/Palestine/BO and the EU economy is:

1) Israel rejects French compromise on Palestinian state

2)  http://nyti.ms/nppL33. US looses as peace architect Arab World. Misfortunate Obama sings the card that lets Palest down.”

3) By sacrificing external policy for internal goals, in his speech BO has given Damascus, Teheran and Ankara the tools they needed.

4) Martin Luther King Jr. said in 1965: “The time is always right to do what’s right.” Peace Middle East.Do not waste this UNGA.

5) Very and news!!!!“@guardiannews: IMF chief tells Europe: you must bail out the banks againhttp://gu.com/p/32569/tf

6) Obama’s passivity could lead to the loss of a Palestinian partner – Haaretz Daily Newspaper

7) Palestinians declares independence from UShttp://nationalinterest.org/commentary/palestinians-declare-independence-us-5919

8 ) Shibley Telhami three reasons why PObama’s #UNspeech will be received negatively by the Arab worldhttp://www.brookings.edu/opinions/2011/0921_palestine_chat.aspx

9 ) Palestinian bid is not a “unilateral action,” Appeal to the world made necessary by the failure of the peace process.

Comment by Wickus:

Will he be on the scene in the near future  to rescue the economy and create a PA State by marching into Jerusalem with peace keeping UN/Nato troops? I have my suspicions.


One thought on “What JS thinks.

  1. If you read his tweets – and he tweets a LOT, you’ll see he considers himself the expert in everything. I remember just enough spanish from 5 years in HS/College to get the gist of his tweets without good translate. IMHO – he uses twitter masterfully to maintain his image.

    My eyes bugged out at his latest repost of the Der Spiegel article pointing out how Putin maintains his power – there seems to be no love lost there.


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