The financial collapse of 2011

What does it mean? Is this part of the seals opening or is this just a warning from God? Here are some interesting takes (in part) from two different sources. It will be good to read the full articles.

The financial collapse versus sodomy versus Israel:

The US stock market is now reeling. It is just a matter of time until it collapses. There is nothing that can turn the economy around. It is just a matter of time until the investors come out of their delusion and see the real economic future. When this happens the stock market will melt down.
   Two judgment issues are now converged which are sodomizing the military and dividing Israel. When these issues converged in the past what happened were awesome judgments occurred with Hurricane Katrina being the best example.
   Right now the stock market has fallen 673 points since the military was sodomized. It went into convulsions, when on July 20 the announcement was made that September 20 would be the date to officially allow open sodomy in the military. God’s timing is perfect as the destruction of the US economy is now directly linked with this open rebellion against Him. There is no hope now as God is intervening to put an end to this rebellion. As I said many times, the church utterly refused to intercede for the nation, so now is bringing His wrath to bear.
   Obama’s speech at the United Nations was a joke. He told the Palestinians this time last year that they would have a state within one year! They used his statements against him! He wants Israel to go back to the pre-1967 borders which is exactly what the UN wants. He wants to divide Jerusalem which is exactly what the UN is going to do. He is lock step with the UN, and yet he does not want the Palestinians to take this issue to the UN! Who is he trying to kid? He just does not want to get caught out in the open voting for a Palestinian state, as it would destroy him politically at home. This is the issue with him as he already agrees with the UN regarding Israel.

 When markets go up, they tend to do it slowly and steadily.  When markets go down, a lot of times it can happen very rapidly.  Also, as I have mentioned before, more major stock market crashes happen during the fall than during any other time of the year.  The last major financial crisis happened during the fall of 2008, and things are starting to look a little bit more like 2008 with each passing day.  The last thing the global economy needs right now is another major financial meltdown, but that may be exactly what we are about to get.

The Dow got absolutely hammered once again on Thursday.  It was downalmost 400 points, and it has lost a total of 674.83 points over the last two days combined.

In case you are wondering, yes, that is a very big deal.

It represents the largest two day decline that we have seen since November 2008, and at this point the Dow is on pace to have its worst week since September 2008.

Over the past two days, more than 900 billion dollars of “paper wealth” has disappeared.

Hopefully you did not share in that pain.

A couple of days ago, I discussed 21 signs that the financial world was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  But I had no idea that things would get so ugly so soon.

So what comes next?

One of the keys is to watch what the “insiders” are doing.  Often they will say one thing and do another.

At the moment, corporate “insiders” are selling 7 dollars of stock for every 1 dollar of stock that they are buying.

Over the past couple of weeks, “insider” investing behavior has changed dramatically.  The following is from an article that was recently posted on MarketWatch….

Comment by Wickus:
Fear are spreading over the world. Men’s hearts shall fail because of fear. I always find it interesting how the market reports are described. “The Dow dropped because of FEAR. The CAC dropped because of FEAR.” The world markets are fear driven. It is so opposite of the Kingdom of God were we are told 366 times in the Bible “Fear not”.
Fear not little children…

4 thoughts on “The financial collapse of 2011

  1. Yes wickus, like I said when I learned how the stock market acutally worked and watch those people in there yelling and carrying on, I said this cannot be godly at all. Right FEAR and emotional junk ruin this world seems to me. I will be so happy when Jesus returns and does things the way it is meant to be.


  2. Fear nor, do not be afraid, etc. It all means the same but with different wording. I did not count it myself, but Corrie ten Boom was famous for saying that.



  3. People who are affected by the coming stock market crash deserve to lose their wealth.
    Putting your money in stocks is Gambling.. Pure and simple.
    People give their money to some guy who wages bets on futures or whatever.
    The markets are just a Ponzi scheme designed to fail.


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