Protests erupt in West Bank

CNN reports: Several dozen Palestinian youths hurled rocks and bottles at Israeli security forces in the West Bank on Friday.

This comes as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is seeking U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state.

The incident occurred at a checkpoint leading from the West Bank to Jerusalem. There have been no injuries. Hundreds of Israeli security personnel are deployed but have not yet moved.

Police are also reporting that three Palestinian youths were arrested in Beit Hanina in East Jerusalem after they threw stones and lit tires. Two other youths were arrested in Jerusalem after they tried to enter forcefully into the Temple Mount. No one hurt.

Comment by Wickus:

Israel and Jerusalem will be divided. The question is only of it will be during this UN session or by unrest leading to a forced division.


7 thoughts on “Protests erupt in West Bank

  1. Though it TARRY yet is shall come scripture comes to mind again right bowtie boetie? 🙂

    The word of the Lord will not return void amen?

    How does one sleep at a time such as this? so many souls still to warn, such little time 😦

    I can’t even begin to verbalize the emotions at this time!

    Praying for us all 🙂


  2. I heartily agree with Hisown – my heart is grieved by all that is coming upon the earth.

    May G-D arise, His enemies be scattered.

    In viewing the ‘speech’ given by BHO, I wonder how much his statement regarding the PLO “stunt” affected this press forward –

    Did this force them to act to save face – who knows, but our LORD is in control and if He can [and has] used a jackass once to speak then….


  3. Listened to B Netanyahu speaking

    He was correct there is no uproar in this world over the young soldier still being held five years later. Where is the humanitarian outreach for him. I am so sick of this stupid world, who does not know or remember history at all. And the professors of colleges that Christian people send their children to learn from, and pay a very lot of money too, why do they keep doing it? God will judge the church as well as this world.


  4. The excitement and jubiliation on behalf of palestinians is going to turn to rage and violence thats going to result in a time of war between Israel and the muslim inhabitants of the west bank, gaza and east jerusalem any moment now. Whether the flame will catch to encompass many of Israel’s neighbors or not I don’t know for sure. Wether this is a conflict that God has spoken of in his word or not – I don’t know for sure, but the days in the next few days/weeks there in Israel are not going to be good ones.


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