UN vote may be delayed for weeks.

Haaretz reports:

The upcoming United Nations votes on a Palestinian state are expected to be postponed to an unspecified date, sources in New York said Tuesday.

Postponements are expected for both the UN General Assembly vote on the declaration of an independent Palestinian state, as well as the UN Security Council vote on full Palestinian membership, the sources said.

If the Palestinian request does go ahead on Friday, the United States can refer the request to a debate inside the framework of informal consultations that Security Council members hold behind closed doors – a procedure that could last weeks or months. The sources reminded that more than a month ago, France distributed a draft resolution that included sanctions against Syria. The draft has not yet reached a discussion because Russia, with the support of China, has been delaying discussions of the draft at the Security Council.

Sources in New York claim that Abbas is interested in postponing the Security Council vote, for this would give him time for diplomatic bargaining with the United States.

Comment by Wickus:

Now this is an interesting twist of events, but also an eye opener to us watching prophecy unfolds. Most watchmen are expecting the final outcome early October, but it may be that events can take longer to unfold. So, don’t get discouraged if we don’t see the outcome of the UN vote very soon. Things will happen in God’s time.

Brother Scott at Borntowatch has also posted this article, and he has got an interesting take on this. FWIW, I agree with him. I am posting it here for further discussion:

Scott’s comments:

When I was reading this article, it “dawned” on me, what does scripture say exactly concerning this issue at hand. I know Zechariah 1:18 & 19 like the back of my hand and as you well know, I have posted it many times.

Who does scripture say will scatter the Jewish people living in “Judea”, “Israel” (I consider that “Israel” represents the northern kingdom of old, Samaria) and “Jerusalem”? …


Zechariah 1:18 & 19  (KJV)

(18) Then lifted I up mine eyes, and saw, and behold four horns.

(19) And I said unto the angel that talked with me,

What be these? And he answered me, These are the horns which havescattered JudahIsrael, and Jerusalem.

The four horns, the Middle East Quartet, not all of the nations within the UN General Assembly, nor all of the nations that are currently sitting in the Security Council. Remember who makes up the Quartet, the US, the EU, Russia and a representative from the UN and in this case, that is Ban Ki Moon.

Now granted the US, Russia, France, the UK and Germany sit on the Security Council. However the EU as a unit does not, nor does the UN as an entity. I am considering that this scenario, that the article is proposing, may very well be what happens at the moment.


A vote may still go before the General Assembly, but the outcome doesn’t have teeth. A vote establishing a PA State by the Security Council would have teeth. It looks like a veto by the US is in order and then the Quartet would proceed to carry out the really “dirty work” in the days, weeks or even months to come. All by design, an old “retired” man’s design. However, always keep in mind, that God is 100% in control 100% of the time. It is all going down according to the way He wants it to and in His perfect timing.


8 thoughts on “UN vote may be delayed for weeks.

  1. We have atleast up to the end of 2013 with the current ENPI theory.
    There is always little schemes that pop up and divert/postpone situations.
    Just look at the global financial situation at the moment, Just when it looks like its gone there is a new scheme that keeps it up a little longer.


  2. There are so many twist and turns on this roller coaster ride – what next – only our LORD knows.

    It appears that tensions are high and nerves frayed in the Middle East and once again Arabs have rioted against the IDF – throwing stones and setting tires ablaze. Irregardless of the status of a vote, my feeling is that we will see this behaviour continue in the days ahead.

    Sha’alu Shalom Yerushalayim


  3. delay?-but not for long with the palestinians chomping at the bit and the restless arab nations ready to be rid of the jewish “problem”. their intent is very clear and all that pent-up hate is going to bust loose-i think sooner rather than later. these poor people blinded by their ancient envy of their kinsman the jew is going to spill out in a very big way if ps 83’s fulfillment is on the horizon like it looks to be. meanwhile the powers-that-be are tossing this “hot potato” around because they are afraid. they are stalling the “future” if they can. they know it is a can of worms and there is no leadership–yet–(he’s going to be revealed all in good time and circumstance) so the world is uneasy…..my my what a time to live! http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/palestinian-logo-suggests-elimination-israel_594027.html


  4. An article in the Huffington Post dated 1/20/11 stated that there is a star called Betelgeuse that will be going supernova. When this star goes supernova, according to the article we would be seeing two suns for several weeks and also there would in all probability be no night during this time frame. Sorry, I am not computer savvy enough to give the link. The person who wrote the article also said that they have no way of knowing when for sure this will happen but the star is losing mass and it could be any time.


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