First start of violence in Judea

First signs of violence ahead of Palestinian statehood vote

Some Israeli officials expect the Palestinian statehood bid at the UN scheduled for this week to cause an eruption of violence in Judea and Samaria. The first tremors of that feared earthquake were seen on Monday.

A source in the Samarian Jewish community of Neve Tzuf toldIsrael Today that on Monday evening, a number of activists affiliated with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction used their vehicles to block the entrance to the village.

Many of the Jewish residents trying to get home simply turned around and decided to try again later. But at least one was reportedly forced to defend himself when several Palestinian thugs approached his vehicle in a menacing way.

“Tension is in the air and I can tell that neither side wants it,” said the source. “I’m afraid that the few true Abbas supporters are lighting the fire as I talk to you.”

The Jewish man continued by relating his fear that by the end of the week, when Abbas will officially request membership for “Palestine” in the UN, the number of violent incidents between Palestinians and Jewish “settlers” will “be too much for the army to control.” (Could NATO troops be brought in for support? Wickus)

Shortly after the source contacted us, two more incidents of Palestinian gangs blockading highways and harassing Jewish motorists were reported in local media outlets.

Comment by Wickus:

Are we seeing the beginning of the end or will this turn into nothing?

Watch this space!


4 thoughts on “First start of violence in Judea

  1. Knowing all that The Word teaches about Israel and the last days does not make it easier to watch.

    I have so many dear friends in Israel praying for their safety and protection and their witness for Yeshua to be stronger and more bold in the days ahead.

    May G-D watch over them and bring many to salvation through these days, weeks and months ahead ~ for these will be most difficult for them as well as those who love and care about them.


  2. So what would happen if the mutual defense clauses of the Modified Brussels treaty or the common defense language of the Lisbon Treaty were used to send a military “peacekeeping” mission to Israel – and those three were to object?


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