A Wake up call

Deadly India-Nepal Earthquake Described As A “Wake-Up Call”

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake on 18 September in northeastern India which also caused deaths in parts of Nepal and China, serves as a stark warning to the earthquake-prone region, experts say.

“This is a wake-up call for many, for all of those indifferent to earthquakes,” Amod Mani Dixit, executive director of Nepal’s National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET), told IRIN in Kathmandu.

“I am happy the earthquake took place, though I am sorry for the loss of life. I feel earthquakes are being forgotten. Now they are saying, ‘Don’t forget me’.”

Reports say dozens of people were killed in the region – including 16 in India, six in Nepal and seven in Tibet. Scores more were reportedly injured by the quake, which was felt as far away as Delhi and parts of Bangladesh. The tremor was felt across 20 districts of Nepal.

Earthquakes rattle Guatemala

Guatemala City, Guatemala (CNN) — Four earthquakes struck southern Guatemala within hours of each other on Monday, killing at least one person and rattling residents in the capital city, officials said.

The largest of the quakes had a magnitude of 5.8 and was located about 53 kilometers (32 miles) southeast of Guatemala City, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Landslide in central China

(CNN) — At least 14 people were dead and 18 others missing after tons of rock and mud slid down a mountain in central China during the weekend, state-run media reported Monday.

Rescuers retrieved 10 more bodies from the rubble Sunday afternoon, Xi’an vice mayor Zhu Zhisheng told the Xinhua news agency. Five people injured in the landslide were in stable condition at local hospitals, Zhu said.

A team of specialists from China’s Ministry of Land and Resources will be sent in to pinpoint the cause of the landslide and to help with the rescue work, said Zhu.

Comment by Wickus:

These 3 articles are showing what has happened within 24 hours. The earth is groaning as the leaders of the world are preparing to side against God and his land. I am afraid that South Africa is also in trouble.  The following shows the policy of our kind president, Mr Jacob Zuma:

Zuma: SA will support Palestine’s UN bid

President Jacob Zuma said last night that South Africa would support Palestine’s quest for statehood at the UN this week.

“We are dealing with a people who don’t have rights, and as a follow-up to UN human rights kind of condition and principle, I think they have to be given an opportunity because they have been blocked all the time.

“I think in their position I would do the same so that you move to a particular stage, and we will support that,” the SABC quoted the president as saying.

Comment by Wickus:

Well, thank you Mr Zuma for condemning our nation. I guess you do not know what God says will happen to the nation coming against His land, Israel. Israel is not South Africa Mr Zuma, and the Palestine’s are not the oppressed masses. Don’t see an ANC agenda of delivering the masses behind everything. Do not stick your finger into the apple of God’s eye.

Thanks to Roma for the link to the first article.



3 thoughts on “A Wake up call

  1. It just absolutely amazes me how so many are deceived by this Palestinian mess. No one seems to be able to remember any history at all of what really went down there in 1947 when Israel was given the land back. What in the world is this mass hypnotism or something. Or are people deceived because they want to be deceived. Yes the earth is groaning and cracking up all over. I believe getting ready for the resurrection and catching up/rapture of the live saints, that the earth is being prepared now, we know some things must happen first but God is on HIS throne and will not be moved. Thanks wickus


  2. Hi Wickus,

    Have you thought about what or how to pray for our country (SA), as our leader and representative sides with the Palastinians? I certainly do not agree with our dear President’s view’s, but he does represent us all and as such the whole country would fall under the judgement he brings upon us due to a lack of knowledge.
    I do believe God sees individuals though as with the fall of Jericho, but in that case the woman actually helped the Israeli spies and played an active role against their enemy, do you reckon there is something we could/should do (actively) in this case as proof of our belief instead of only praying to God for protection/exclusion from the judgement?
    Agh, well that’s just some of the questions going around in my head and I thought I’d actually ask them this time.

    Have a blessed day.


  3. Danie, dis goed om van jou te hoor! Jy is welkom om enige tyd vrae te vra.

    I will give you my take on this. We must pray for our government and for them to make the right choices. But we must also keep in mind that God’s word will come to pass. Almost all the country’s will turn against Israel. South Africa has made its choice by electing the current government. I know me and you did not elect them, but the majority did. The nations will be judged for turning against God and His land.

    But the good news is that we are not destined for God’s judgment. We as His children are protected by Him. A thousand will fall on the one side and ten thousand on the other side, but because we trust in Him and we are not part of the corrupt world system, we will stand.

    Sometimes I think that the time to pray for the governments of the world is drawing to a close.

    Bless you.


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