Can the Euro –Kicking the Can down the Road–Can the Euro survive

another week of kicking the can down the road,

a step away from ever-deeper political integration, and the loss of national sovereignty. Few, if any, EU members are actually ready to make that leap.

shameful refusal to face the coming storm.

the worst fear is of a final, chaotic Greek episode provoking defaults by Ireland, Portugal and, conceivably, Italy and Spain in its wake. That would be Armageddon – and no one knows what appalling political consequences might follow.

That moment for Europe may come in mid-October.

Comment by Adamantine:

My wonder is that God might expect the church to have the patience of 100 years to watch the slow building of Israel and Europe.

Then some day it seems the whole prophetic watch will start running as if a trap has been released. I am sympathetic to those who do not watch because it has come to be such a convoluted mess.

It seems possible that the rise of the AC might occur followed by the tribulation running right up to the appearance of Christ with the secular and religious world never even mentioning the word AC.

When we speak of the revealing of the AC it seems that he is not revealed to the world at large ?!

They remain deceived.

True deception requires never seeing ANYTHING.

2 thoughts on “Can the Euro –Kicking the Can down the Road–Can the Euro survive

  1. Yes God expects his church to have the patience to do what he tells us to in his word. Watch, pray, and have faith and do what we can on this earth to bring his truth and word to the lost who will hear. I have no sympathy for those who do not watch, because they are not obeying the words of Jesus to them.

    There is nothing to be confused about, we watch, we pray, we wait. The church has waited a lot more than 100 years to see Israel back in their land. The true believers that is. God will always keep his word to us. No matter how much of it I understand completely or see for myself, I know that prophecy will be fulfilled, no matter what. God is on the throne. Isaac Newton knew back in the 1600-1700s, that Israel was to be back in the land.


  2. I think the “convoluted mess” moves us to ultimately trust the Lord for His coming. The way I have always understood it…the Lord’s return would be within the same generation as Israel becoming a nation. THAT is our primary time marker. Problem is, “generations” are defined differently in scripture…some say 40 years (well, now we KNOW it’s not that one), others 70 years (not far to go with that one), and still others say 100 years. Others have said that the clock started ticking in 1942 (the year that the “Final Solution” became official Nazi policy…hmmmm, also the year JS was born, interesting)


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