Even with recent fast paced news… events still may be too slow to allow the ENPI to remain Prophetic


European Anticipation Bulletin

1) the period 2012-2016 forms an historical crossroads

2)  a strong revival of European politics from the end of 2012 …. including a Euro-land political integration treaty which will be put to a Euro-land-wide referendum by 2015

3) In November 2011 the United States will brace itself for a politico-financial “perfect storm” that will make the summer problems look like a slight sea breeze. . .

the increased debt ceiling voted in a few weeks ago will be reached well before the November 2012 elections … and this is information that will spread like wildfire in the fourth quarter of 2011 …

reinforcing  fears to see the United States follow Euro-land example over Greece and force its creditors to take heavy losses.

Comment by Adamantine :

I tend to agree that despite recent acceleration historical trends are such that without some other major push European politics will progress too slowly to allow the ENPI to remain prophetic.

If these current days are to remain the conjectured  prophetic time period spoken of in Daniel and Revelation then I suggest it requires divine intervention for acceleration.

The breaking of the seals in Revelation are under divine control.

Without some “act of God”  (such as a major earthquake) it appears to me that events will transpire too slowly for the ENPI theory to remain viable.

What causes Satan to be cast from Heaven and what event might reflect that event on the earth?


18 thoughts on “Even with recent fast paced news… events still may be too slow to allow the ENPI to remain Prophetic

  1. I don’t know – but you and I both know that political and economic realities on the ground can change in a heartbeat – especially if there is some major disaster or intervening crisis that allows those who wish to accelerate their plans to act. So goes the old saying “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

    Interestingly, I’ve come under attack today very publically on facebook. A man I once worked with years ago who is very intelligent, but an avowed atheist linked to this article on his page:


    And called me out by name, wondering where I was and what my take on it was.

    I responded by acknowleging that his intent was to mock God and the Bible – but I spoke the truth anyway.

    “God told us this was going to happen – and it’s going to get a lot worse, but Israel will not be destroyed. He didn’t tell us every detail about who’s going to do what – but I anticipate Israel is going to come under attack in the near futu…re and by some miracle survive it. She may even be occupied by some great world leader – that most will hail as the greatest leader of all time- but it will only be for a short time. God has alread told us what was going to happen in his word, and while it’s going to look like its going be as bad as it can be- the end is amazingly good. I don’t see how it’s anything short of a miracle that Israel even exists – I mean how many other nations have been scattered across the world for nearly 2000 years and yet their nation was reborn in a day. I don’t see any moabites, amalakites, hittites, amorites, or jebusites in the world today – yet Israel remains.”

    I hope I did ok.


  2. i see it this-a-way….on earth as well as in the heavens{night skies}, the signs are ever-present.With the dividing of the land of israel, giving the PA east jerusalem, pushing israel back to the old sliver of land to pre ’67 borders,…and israel w/ no allys in the surroundings; the stage is set for the war machine to start to roll its blades…..the heavens reveal the woman and the dragon … the war in the spiritual arena,…. will manifest itself upon the earth, as the one just mentioned w/ the blades, all sharpened and rolling to beat hell. On earth as it is in heaven./ the hell on earth will run its course……at some pt the Lord Jesus will appear for His bride and heaven will be ready, cleared out and cleaned up, as the above mentioned dragon had swept his tail, ridding the heavens of the demonic,…hell goes down to earth,the Bride goes up to heaven. Evil finishes itself off eventually, almost entirely, then The Word Of God Returns Again to complete the job and Jesus will set up His Own[i like those 2 words]earthly throne= 1,000 yr reign. This way of presenting the unfolding of things prophetic is no doubt, simplistic and i realize that, and i am not purposely bypassing all the research everyone is doing by any means. Without going into all the details,[ which i could not do anyways with out getting things all together wrong and errors everywhere,]isn’t this what it essentially IS? War is about to break out , the AoD will set up , The Church will be taken out, Jacobs troubles will be in his midst….things will run thier course! yes i never mentioned the temple/ who cares, big deal/ also who knows when, exactly, the bride will be taken…SHE WILL BE TAKEN….in the meantime, let us think on things that are lovely and pure and spread the gospel while we still have light. /// i know i might be asking for it, from some of you out there, but i’m not doing it on purpose to get anyone upset. i guess i just wish it could be basically this simple, me-tony. here i go,..i’m gonna post it….evil kinevil’s got nuthin’ on me!


  3. The event warned in Isaiah 47 may Adamantine!

    Placing the Yoke scripture warning- 30th / 03/ 2003- Road Map to peace Proposal 😦

    Isaiah 14- Satan cast out- once and for all- no more place found for him in heaven- great is his wrath-woe unto the inhabitants of the earth.( he still has access right now- being the accuser of the brethren)

    His Word does not return void.

    Time to pick up the five stones for the battle ahead.

    1) Zechariah 4:6

    Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.

    2) Revelation 12:11
    And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,

    3) and by the word of their testimony;

    4) and they loved not their lives unto the death.
    Revelation 12:10-12

    5) So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.
    Isaiah 55:10-12


  4. Pilgrim wrote:

    “Adamantine, you seem to swing from one end of the pendulum to the next from day to day….sigh.”

    Adamantine then replied:

    “I swing from one end of the pendulum to next sometimes within the hour. My thoughts in the end are that I should be honest to what comes to me for a possible post and then post it with the hopes it resonates with other watchers. I try to be within the Christian fold but beyond that unless and until God Himself were to converse with me ( now that would be scary) on these matters it is best to show my foibles, failures, and feelings with faith mixed.”

    Ha Ha! Pilgrim, you must be reading my mind. Adamantine my brother in Christ I hope that you know that within you reply you made a very oxymornic type statement. “foibles, failures, and feelings” don’t mix with “faith”.

    Tell you what Adamantine, show me another 7 year confirmed covenant with many; associated with a man who was in an established position after 10 nations were created, by way of the number 666 which identified this position, that must remain hidden until he is given power to continue – and I will tell you that you will have to wait at least another Century or more for all of these events to come together such as they have in our lifetime.

    Where is your faith?

    Let me show you the faith that I have, in what has been presented so far………..

    If the United States veto’s the Palestinian bid for Statehood – thus rendering the whole process null and void; then most who have been following the ENP(I) theory “could be” justified in “thinking” that this theory is a wash. Without having seen the cesssation of sacrifices; the Third Temple; and the Two Witnesses – most have had their hope in at least seeing the Land Divided by the September/October timeframe, in order to make sense of this theory. I’m definately NOT one of them.

    Let me make a small prediction for you – and I am no Prophet at all. Let me say that I don’t think that all of these things have come together the way that they have just to mean nothing.
    Something will come of this…..and this I have “faith” in.


  5. Yip, agreed. But I do hope September/October will fill in some blanks. It will just be easier to spread the news.

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


  6. You two are like the naughty brothers I never had but wish I did 🙂

    Mr B, may I send something to you via Wickus for your prayerful consideration ?


  7. Well I commented on two other posts, lol, not this one. Will copy to this one so people know what I am talking about maybe, thanks to all of you for your posts here.


  8. Of …..“foibles, failures, and feelings” reminds me of a few other fleshly things the Lord is calling His bride away from. ( Excessive ) Food, Fun and eerrr Frolickin.

    Stop me Jellytot!!! LOL

    Amen Mr B we are called to walk in FAITH and boy if only you could take a peek into the life of this your sister’s life over the past few months, it blows even my mind! laugh 🙂

    Sorry I needed the laugh and to make a special sister in Christ’s day 🙂

    We love ya Adamantine 🙂


  9. It appears Pilgrim thinks it possible for humans to form thoughts, etched it concrete, never to be reconsidered or changed when vagaries of world events shed new light on one’s values and views. I presently hold views diametrically opposed to what I once professed. I don’t think it diminishes their value as reference to change of thought suggests he may now think less of Adamantine’s freely offered statements. We’re told that no man may know what/when prophecy will be fulfilled or when the end of the age is going to arrive. But we’re also told to pray to God that we are right with Him and for His wisdom and understanding. If the Bible is divinely guided in its writing I believe each of us may be divinely guided in our reading and understanding it just as we may be divinely guided when gathering with other members of the body of Christ for prayer and discussing what we’ve read in Biblical passages. My understanding of the world today makes me think people alive today may indeed be the ones to see the last event before Jesus’ return to Jerusalem. Jesus told us someone alive when the 1st prophetic event leading to His return occurs will be alive when the last event happens. When doe/did the time clock began. Before WWII man couldn’t destroy himself and before Israel’s creation in 1947 it couldn’t be surrounded by armies so I think 1947’s where the stick was placed in the sand. A human life’s about 120 years (or less) so I think Jesus will return sooner than 2067. The EU’s 666 European Neighbourhood Policy is eerily reminiscent of things written in the Bible and, given the political instability of the Middle East its 7 year timeline may show things very near the end of the age. Maybe we will see the 1st Temple construction stone go into place soon.


  10. Stop you? Oh no dear sister, lest the Lord chasten me in doing so, Miss CollyPauly–that’s a risk I am not willing to take! But you have my Amen on the fun, food and ehm…frolicking part! ; )


  11. “He loves the Word.”

    What a beatiful complement by Wickus for our brother Mr. Baldy. I just had to second that – and my prayer daily is that could be said about any of us here.


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