Something Big Is About To Happen In Europe

ECB, european central bank

Something Big Is About To Happen In Europe

Walter Russell Mead  is the James Clark Chase Professor of Foreign Affairs and Humanities at Bard College and Editor-at-Large of The American Interest.

His comment:

Something Big is about to happen in Europe.

Will the EU turn into a true USE  ( United States of Europe ) or will it subside into something looser and less ambitious — a new Holy Roman Empire of loosely confederated but uncoordinated minor states?

Watch this one closely; often the news is full of sound and fury signifying nothing, but what is happening in Europe these days is real history being made in real time.

Comment by Adamantine:

This is from a professor of Foreign affairs not a professor of Biblical studies.

Add the comments from the previous article.

Frattini, a former EU Commissioner, said

“It is no longer enough to govern Europe in an intergovernmental way, sitting around a table.”

He said:

Italy is ready to give up all sovereignty needed for a genuine European central government.”


3 thoughts on “Something Big Is About To Happen In Europe

  1. their planned co-dependency by none other than mr europe himself-javier solana-is on course. remember his plan was to so intertwine their interests economically and strategically that they had no way to successfully back out of the plan. sovereignty going by the wayside and the beast’s self interested survival is the order of the day. it looks to me to be all systems go with regard to a united states of europe. js-i believe-along with the rest of europe has had a deep envy of america’s strength and prowess and wants that “success” for his empire as well. so the dismantling of america continues (he has much help from w/in europe and beyond and sadly w/in our own government which has abandoned it’s people and freedoms-it’s sovereignty and soul) and his plan to head it-dictate it-is all built right in to the very framework of that revived roman beast. i see europe rising–it’s very wounded and battered in the process–but rising still………it’s “resurrection” is from the pit. still some speculation on my part as i have nothing certain for certain details awaiting fulfillment and/or my understanding fully opened–yet–but regardless i am watching (along with you fine folks) and the scriptures roar on in their fulfillment. this is all taking shape according to the power of the Word spoken by the Living God. time will tell us what we have before us in every fine detail and all will conform to that Word that cannot return to Him void. it is a frightful and exciting time to be alive as everything is to be shaken-the only thing unshakeable is everything and everyone standing on the Rock-Jesus Christ the true Sovereign.


  2. Italy is ready to give up all sovereignty… I see the USA doing the same – when/if faced with the choice of giving up a few luxuries or even necessities in order to maintain freedom – Americans [whether inside or outside the church] have become fat and lazy —

    Take my freedom, but don’t take my remote control.

    “My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, The fountain of living waters, To hew for themselves cisterns, Broken cisterns that can hold no water.” Jeremiah 2


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