Israelis, Palestinians headed toward U.N. showdown,0,3625247.story

The announcements were the latest signs that a last-minute push by the Obama administration and European Union to forge a compromise had faltered.

It remains unclear when the Security Council, which must approve all membership applications, will vote on the matter. It could take days or even weeks, Palestinians said.

Comment by Adamantine:

It remains a burdensome stone and a cup of trembling. I think it is never solved until Christs sets foot in Jerusalem.



8 thoughts on “Israelis, Palestinians headed toward U.N. showdown

  1. Hi Wickis, Adamantine and all… if you can, go to the sept. 11 post about red n blue kachina/ Elenin, Nibiru, on www. politically See what you think,… greetings,n blessings, tony Looks like you all have some interesting posts that i am going to look at now


  2. Anyone notice the earthquake activity so far this month? There’s been a 6+ quake pretty much every day, quakes felt in many of the common quake areas even if minor, and 4 6+ just today near japan, new zealand, fiji and cuba. If God’s not trying to get our attention, I’m a monkey’s uncle.


  3. in the article refered to on your post here Wickis,in the LA Times, do you sense what i sense, that its a lie that the US will veto the UN’s involvement? Does that go w/out saying?, and is what i am sensing OBVIOUS?!?,to everyone, kinda as if to say, duh tony., or, do you think they will veto it but amongst the bunch of these elite govt. jokesters its no doubt, just a charade?, or what?. Am i imagining things here in thinking the way i do? Am i over suspicious? Am i lost here,..if so could you get me on track, please./ thanks, tony in vt.


  4. Even if the US vetoes – everything that I’m hearing is that riots and marches will start throughout Israel and her neighbors are likely to seek to put some teeth into a toothless GA resolution. So don’t let out the sigh of relief when the expected veto comes – because I am of the suspicion that the US veto will be a catalyst for the start of a 3rd intifada and possibly a larger middle east war intent on destroying Israel.

    Think about who you are dealing with – many of the powers there are now more than ever itching for any excuse to go to war with Israel. They don’t need UN authorization to start rolling tanks and launching missiles – when have they in the past.


  5. Hey Tony

    It was Adamantine’s post, but I will respond.

    As I see it, the nations are going to make their choice by voting. I suspect a majority vote in the General Assembly. This is were the nations are going to turn against God and this is were the pooh is gonna hit the fan. We will see the nations united against God in the UN. Keep those nations in mind for future calamities. Read Joel 3.

    Whatever happens in the Security Counsel will be formality. The USA is going to be between a rock and a hard place. They will have to choose between the majority of the world or a small Jewish state.

    And I agree with you Justasheep.



  6. Tony, I will be very careful going into strange teachings to learn the truth. I listened to a sermon the other night were the pastor was also speaking about the same things mentioned on the link. He was of opinion that satan knows the future and that he can guess the truth, so it is worthwhile listening to the prophecies but not to the other teachings. I say it is better to just stay away from it. This can create great confusion in a Christians live and God is not the author of confusion.



  7. Agreed justasheep, they did not get permission to attack Israel, from the very beginning, in 1948 and many times afterward that is for sure.


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