Shortage of Storage Forage and Porridge

Dear Valued Customers:

Currently our inventory for both cans and pouches is all being shipped to our retailers. Once all of our retailers are back in stock 100%, we will put items back in stock on our own website.
To purchase our pouches, you can find them on several online retailers or you can find our pouches at most local outdoor sporting goods store. To help find a store near you, please click here to do a dealer search.
As you know we have removed #10 cans from our website temporarily. The reason for this is sales of #10 cans have continued to increase. OFD is allocating as much production capacity as possible to this market segment, but we must maintain capacity for our other market segments as well.
To purchase our #10 cans please contact us at and we will be happy to direct you to those dealers now taking orders for our #10 cans.
We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience. We sincerely hope you will continue to be Mountain House customers in the future.

Oregon Freeze Dry

Comment by Adamantine:

I suppose a lot of people are going camping.



5 thoughts on “Shortage of Storage Forage and Porridge

  1. If you are in the US – I saw on Costco’s website they have a lot of these types of supplies in stock and are selling them with shipping included in the cost, and have a big discount running on a 1yr supply of dehydrated foods.


  2. The problem with dehydrated food is that you got to hydrate it. Depending on the emergency I hope your water supply is large enough to hydrate the food and provide necessary water.


  3. It’s a good thing to have a decent supply of emergency water put away – and also one of these – since they can be used to purify very poor quality water (with a supply of bleach to kill off any bio-nasties). Having your own well isn’t bad either (but no guarantee since that can still be contaminated, lack power to run pumps etc).


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