NY-9: Oh yes, Obama has a Jewish problem


In the end, it wasn’t even close. In a 58 percent Democratic congressional district, the most Jewish congressional district in the country and one that has not voted for a Republican representative since 1922, Republican political newcomer Bob Turner creamed Democrat David Weprin 54 percent to 46 percent in the special election in New York’s 9th Congressional District. Former New York mayor Ed Koch had called the election a referendum on President Obama’s Israel policy. Democratic assemblyman Dov Hikind crossed party lines to endorse Turner and make a point of his dissatisfaction with Obama.

What if, you know, it’s not simply a “messaging” problem for the Democrats? Might it be that the perfect storm — a rotten economy, an incompetent president and an administration uniquely hostile toward the Jewish state and inept in Middle East policy — might actually separate a chunk of the Jewish electorate from its historic fixation with the Democratic Party? Now that remains to be seen, but the signs are pointing in that direction.

Comment by Adamantine:

From this evidence of Jewish dissatisfaction of Obama one would have to think he will NOT endorse a Palestinian state this month.

We might have expected it by prophecy progression and Obama’s past sympathies but articles such as this suggest he has domestic politics to deal with.

Will Obama go against the wind and endorse Palestine?


6 thoughts on “NY-9: Oh yes, Obama has a Jewish problem

  1. imho – BHO will veto the vote – NOT because he has any fondness for Israel, BUT he has counted the nations that will vote yes and is assured the vote will pass. He can afford to be charitable, to garner the Jewish vote and look benevolent.

    BHO has already set the foundation for the usa veto saying each country only gets one vote –
    so ‘hey guys I did my part – see I stand with Israel — yada yada yada.’ HE WILL VETO.

    Irregardless of how the vote goes – expect Israel, especially Jerusalem to errupt after 9/20.

    Sha’alu Shalom Yerushalayim..!!…


  2. Well, not that they haven’t begun ringing already, but if he does endorse a Palestinian state for those squatters, the knell of the bells will ring louder than anything heard in any previous American presidential election. Here’s hoping.


  3. BTW, “Irregardless” is one of those redundant, oxymoronic words that drives me freakin’ nuts. The word is “REGARDLESS” … THERE IS NO “IR” in front of it … Sorry … just had to say it. 😉


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