Queer by Choice


The life I have now ( homosexual ) is not something I ended up with because I had no other options. Make no mistake — it’s a life I chose.

Comment by Adamantine:

The article makes it clear. Some people choose homosexuality.  All of the worry so many Christians put upon themselves trying to make sure they do not offend homosexuals who cannot help themselves is possibly ill placed.

God certainly knows when we choose sin.


10 thoughts on “Queer by Choice

  1. Living in Sydney where “Gay” people are accepted and very open I can say from working with gay people, Homosexuality doesn’t seem to be a choice.
    Ask someone that is gay and they will tell you the same thing.
    They are sexually attracted to the same sex.
    They cant stop or turn it off no matter what they do or how much they try.

    From many discussions with people the physical Sex itself is a choice but not the feelings.
    It may be some sort of curse or some sort of imbalance chemically (who knows).
    I have spoken to gay people who wish they were not gay and hate it completely but they cant help it.

    The only thing i can relate it to is drugs considering i have tried plenty in my past life.
    IT is a thing that is always there as far as the feeling is concerned but its my choice whether to go and get them or not.
    Even to this day I still have the odd craving to get wasted but I wont due to im allot older and wiser and closer to the lord now :).

    So if someone is Gay and they cant help it but they refrain from having sex with the same sex then God im sure will have mercy and wont condemn them, If they have accepted him first :).
    God is clearly against having sex with the same sex period, but its a Very sensitive topic and from reading and researching the bible I cant see anywhere Jesus actually spoke about Homosexuality. Was the topic forbidden to talk about back then?
    Any ideas?


  2. Speaking of choice on being gay, homosexual, or queer………you take your choice of words on it.

    This new avatar that I have been assigned is quite GAY, and very queer looking for that matter.

    It was definitely NO choice of mine!


  3. Comment by Adamantine:
    The topic is very difficult because I think we all know that we are not without sin and we suspect many homosexuals are influenced by events they did not choose.
    It has become a more and more taboo topic to speak about in general in society.
    I think the emphasis somehow needs to be on not accepting homosexuality as normal but being loving to homosexuals as one can. The problem is that now most homosexuals do not wish to live quietly out of the limelight but to live demanding full acceptance.
    IMHO I think God is very patient with the individual in dealing with this sin but not with a community that accepts and promotes it.
    From the story of Sodom it can occur where a city becomes entirely homosexual or bisexual.


  4. Second to Admantine’s sentiment above. We should be seeking to love those that are caught in the snare of any sin – though those that demand that we accept their sin are making it nearly impossible to reach out to them. Anyone that demands that I disagree with what God has said in order to have fellowship with me is going to be very disappointed.

    Oh and on a lighter note, I think I won big in the new avatar lottery – I like my blue smileyface. 😉


  5. I also agree Adamantine.
    The worse thing society can do it promote Gay marriage, It is completely pointless and against the whole point of living.
    IF it was Adam and Steve instead of Eve then there wouldn’t even be society.

    I give my Avatar a big Tick 🙂


  6. As we are discussing our new avatar guys here, I will post about mine. Not sure but looks like I have a black eye and my tongue is sticking out. As should happen if a person sticks his tongue out at someone, he deserves to get a black eye. LOL. No they are computer generated we know and kind of spice up the blog that is for sure.


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