North Carolina Mulls Gay Marriage

“It makes no sense that North Carolina in a dark economic hour, should signal out a minority of its population for public judgment,” said Andrew Spainhour, general counsel of Greensboro-based tableware seller Replacements Ltd., where as many as 100 of the 450 employees are gay, including the company founder.

Comment by Adamantine:

This raises serious questions about equality in hiring. I suspect that these 100 homosexuals speak openly AT WORK about their belief that homosexuality is gay.

I doubt there is even one Christian at the company who speaks openly about his/her belief that homosexuality is an abomination.

Hence Christians should recognize that in the final analysis good and evil cannot reside together.

All of the talk about equal tolerance as it relates to sexuality is smokescreen. Homosexuals will not tolerate criticism in the workplace.

This company has been actively recruiting homosexuals in order to get the percentage so high.

In the United States, according to exit polling on 2008 Election Day for the 2008 Presidential elections, 4% of electorate self-identified as homosexual

I am quite sure secular companies in the state have an impossible time recruiting Christians. It is  forbidden.


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