Ashton’s Gambit

The “big five” has told the EU foreign minister that she must set up a European “Operational HQ” by any means necessary, including a legal mechanism, created by the Lisbon Treaty that bypasses a British veto.

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, threatened in July to veto a proposed military HQ to “command and control” troops, including British forces, taking part in EU operations, such as the current antipiracy naval force off the coast of Somalia.

But in a confidential letter, dated September 2, foreign ministers from the five countries create a powerful alliance against an isolated Britain by pledging their “strong political will to continue” as a “matter of urgency”.

“France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain remain at your disposal to support your work in this regard,” says the letter to Lady Ashton, seen by The Daily Telegraph.

“We believe it remains the most comprehensive basis for further work on all the issues: capabilities, including civil-military planning and conduct capability, battle groups and EU/Nato relations.”

March 2010
But since becoming EU foreign minister last year, Lady Ashton has gone from “being unconvinced” to having an “open mind” over the move. It has been demanded by French and German supporters of a European army.
Comment by Adamantine:
 I suspect it is this approval of a EU military headquarters which may be the spice that keeps Ashton in her post.
It may also be the one that leads to her demise as soon as she accomplishes the task.
The plans for the military are to come to fruition possibly by the end of 2011.
Calls to amend the Lisbon treaty for the economic governance needed are for two years out.
If the ENPI means something prophetic we need something important before the end of 2013.
All we MUST see is a stopping of sacrifice in some credible manner which can be attributed somehow back to JS.
The rest is development for the end time scenario but not beholden to a time schedule for our prophecy considerations just yet.

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