I want Europe to be a superpower


Stronger Europe

10 Sep, 2011 13:55:22

Military unity could make EU a superpower: Kaczynski

“I want Europe to be a superpower,” Kaczynski said in an interview at the Krynica Economic Forum in southern Poland, while on the campaign trail ahead of a general election on October 9.

Comment by Adamantine:

Apparently this is what will get votes in Poland. Prior to the airplane crash that killed his brother they were known to be anti Europe and anti Russian. Could it really be that he has so easily changed his opinions? I am led to believe that in order to get votes in Poland this is the new position he must take. Possibly it was his brother who was the more anti European.

This is a very strange development and I am still suspicious of foul play in that crash.

If there was no foul play then the Polish simply outdid all of the old Polish jokes and did the most stupid thing possible which was to put all the Polish leadership on one plane and fly into Russian airspace. Putting all the Polish Government on one plane was a crash course in Russian politics.





7 thoughts on “I want Europe to be a superpower

  1. Hello! The day that the Polish plane went down, a person took an amateur video of the scene minutes after the crash. I downloaded the video immediately and STILL have it.

    On youtube I can only find “enhanced” versions now, which is not bad, but they are not the raw video. Anyway, there were people escaping the scene and they were all shot to death. The gunmen tried to drown out the sound of the gunshots will some sort of siren or train whistle. The only person in the government who did not go on the plane was given an award the next day. This guy opposed the Israel friendly government that was run by Kaczynski.

    Here is the newer youtube version:

    I can email you the original if you would like.


  2. Comment by Adamantine:
    This side of eternity I think we will never know for sure.
    I remain suspicious. Study history and will find many such events originally denied and later shown to be true.


  3. “Euro Death Wish” and Global Finger-Pointing: U.S. Senior Official Blames Eurozone for “75% of the Dark Things Happening in the World”


    “Two Choices

    1.Save the Euro and Destroy Sovereign Governments
    2.Save Sovereign Governments and Destroy the Euro”

    I’ll go on record predicting they will choose option 1 – and 3 unwilling gov’ts will be uprooted in the process. Not a prophecy, just an educated guess.


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