Understanding judgment

Comment by Adamantine:

This is a reasonable look at what is happening in a general sense.


10 thoughts on “Understanding judgment

  1. Sorry guys, I will not watch anything from these people who promoted Todd Bentley and his satanic garbage. It is your blogsite not mine. But this is my stance.


  2. Comment by Adamantine:
    I have yet to meet any church, group or denomination that I thought was entirely correct.
    What little i know of Todd Bentley would cause me to be cautious also. Despite that this 1/2 hour discussion is thoughtful. He is also saying what so few others are willing to note.


  3. http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/09/09/us-egypt-protest-idUSTRE7885PH20110909

    Demonstrators in Egypt. I will comment further on that site and the man who runs it, I have commented on it before. I would never want any new believers to ever go there and would never recommend anything from it. If you do not know about them, perhaps you should find out. This is not about looking for a perfect denomination or group.

    It is not my blogsite and I do not take responsibility for it, but as a poster here let me make sure that anyone who happens here to see my name, knows that I am not just against it, but strongly so.


  4. Yes, even if he got it right this time…
    I have seen false teachers warn of other false teachers,
    (i.e. Benny Hinn warning of Todd Bentley), and I think he was right in his critique.

    But what didn’t surface, was the fact that nobdy should listen to him either!

    Occasionally, even false teachers will get it right.
    But the leaven/ poison is still there.

    AND – the closer to the truth, the more dangerous the LIE.


  5. Adamantine please hear my heart on this issue ….again.

    How many times has the Lord affirmed the dangers of this and yet you still chose to ignore (?) the countless pleadings of those that love and appreciate you and your labor of love to the body of Christ here.

    No man is above reproof and from what I’ve witnessed Mr Baldy has had the audacity in the past to address a few concerns publicly of which you have received in humility and love….(that my brother tells me a lot about who you are ) and pray that you will seek the Lord on the dangers you seem to be promoting on this ” “Later Rain / Manifest Sons of God” end time deception.

    Thank-you for hearing our concern.

    If I was the one that was promoting any such spiritual poison, , I would expect nothing less from those that love me enough to voice their concern.

    We love you brother 🙂


  6. Sorry for my silence on the site. I have been feeling a little sick for the past few days, but Lord willing I will be behind my computer soon to watch this clip and voice my views. I guess most of you that knows me better will know that I am no Tod Bentley fan.

    Cole and Roma, I still need to respond to your mail.

    God bless



  7. Thanks to all who commented here on this. Wickus so sorry to hear that you are ill, will pray specifically for that issue. This is about Rick Joyner also, he supports Bentley and others like him, and I think he is just as false, but not as dramatic as Bentley. anyway, I posted on the new post that was started as well. Again I pray that I was respectful in my post earlier and again today. I meant no disrespect to you or adamantine here but felt the need to put the trumpet to my mouth again on warning of these types of so called ministries.


  8. “I need to hear of complaints about Joyner specifically to be able to address those.
    I also do not agree that some people and things should not be discussed because it might confuse the new born babes in Christ. That is one of the arguments that has kept other end time ministries from mentioning Herb Peters. They think he was entirely wrong and that to discuss what we discuss on this site will only lead to babes in Christ in confusion.
    If anything this discussion is causing me and others to reevaluate these people and even some concepts.” ADAMANTINE SPOKE THIS
    I was addressing this and my finger hit the wrong key and took me completely off the internet here. Which tells me t compose this and prayerfully post it for you Adamantine. I watched this man’s video here, selling books all throughout it, which you said you did not think any true prophet should do, remember saying that a while back?
    Now after I compose my review of the things he said on that video, with scriptures to show it, I will point out that nothing he said was biblical, not to my hearing and spirit. I will be back and post this on both topics concerning this.
    Lisa Ling did a special on Oprah network, which I typically do not watch, but I watched it cause she went down to this morningstar place where Bentley was, not change in that man at all that I see, and as well they are teaching people to be healers, prophets et al.
    That is not biblical, does not the Holy Spirit give gifts to men for this purpose for the church?
    I will be back for the evaluation step by step of the things Rick Joyner himself is saying for you. But again remember you are the one who criticized prophets that sold books, and that video was full of it. Did you hear it? His book written years ago that said earthquake in Japan would cause this? The Harvest he showed and claimed prophetic claims for it, no way. Ok I will be back and post here and the other video post as well.


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